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Even though it is believed that riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a car, yet the number of motorcycles has increased in recent years. Not everyone can afford a car and the next cheaper option is to buy a motorcycle. Many are riding motorcycle to and from work and use it as their daily form of transportation. Some of the popular brands of motorcycle we see on the roads are Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and etc.

Most ride motorcycle because it is one of the cheapest mode of transportation and motorcyclist get to save on fuel. The maintenance of a motorcycle is also very much cheaper and not as complicated compared to a car. Other ride motorcycle because of their passion for motorcycling and they make it as their hobby. Riding a motorcycle has no age limit. The young and older folks can continue to enjoy their motorcycle rides as long as they hold a motorcycle riding license.

In the old days, bikers were all men but now, there are many women bikers and the number of women bikers is steadily increasing. Besides the common street bikes, there are cruiser bikes, dirt bikes, sport bikes, racing bikes, etc. There are also modified vintage bikes where the owner modified their bikes according to their styles with aftermarket parts. Usually, these owners take great pride in their modified machine and they either ride their modified bike on their leisure ride or keep them for sentimental value.

Serious bikers are usually equipped with a full set of motorcycle riding gear. Top most on the list is the safety helmet to protect the head, brain and face in case there is a crash. A full face helmet with visor helps to protect the eyes and face from flying objects such as dust or insects. It also shield the eyes from the glare or reflection from the front or oncoming vehicle. Modern day women bikers has a wide selection of womens motorcycle helmets to choose from.

Next on the list is the motorcycle riding jacket and pants to protect their body. The protective clothing comes with padding to protect the upper and lower body including the limbs against serious injury or abrasion in times of accident or if there is a fall. If a rider ever is in a serious motorcycle crash and sustains serious injury to which it wasn’t his or her fault, they’ll want to get in touch with a law firm that specializes in motor accidents, like Quirk Law Group as one example of many.

Just like car owners, motorcycle owners also love to shop for accessories. For a Honda motorcycle, it is advisable to buy genuine Honda motorcycle accessories because they are specifically designed and made for the Honda motorcycles. Honda motorcycles and parts are known for quality and durability.

For motorcycle or ATV owners who carry out maintenance and repair work on their machine by themselves, getting good quality and cheap replacement parts is cost saving for them. Those using atv for farming usually obtain cheap atv parts from their regular trusted stores. Out of the many online stores, one outstanding store that is known for their quality and good customer service is the Bike Bandit store.

All you have to do is key in the brand, model and year of manufacturer to search for the particular part you need to check the availability of the part. It is one of the biggest supplier of motorcycle and atv parts.