GogoPDF: The Most Popular PDF Compressing Tool of 2021

Have you ever tried to send an email with attachments, you were in a hurry, and then suddenly, it says that your file is too big? What did you do then? Well, worry no more! In cases like that, GogoPDF has the answer for your problem. GogoPDF can compress your PDF file in no time so that you won’t incur any errors when uploading PDF files in your email.

In this article, we will introduce this application that will work on its magic quickly on your files that need to be compressed. Thanks to this site, it will make our lives so much easier and faster so that we will be able to accomplish more deliverables.

GogoPDF as a Multifunctional Online Tool

First and foremost, you do not need any paid software to compress your PDF files. So, if you are looking for a lifesaver for your documents and you need to have it done quickly, you can rely on Gogo PDFs Compress PDF tool. All you need are your desktop/computer or smartphone device, your files that need to be compressed, and one of the most important factors to have it done quickly is a stable internet connection. So, go ahead and type in GogoPDF on your web browsers to try it out.

Maybe you are wondering if compressing PDF is the only function of GogoPDF. Allow me to share this with you, GogoPDF is not merely for compressing PDF files alone. It has multiple functions, which makes it more reliable. Under the Convert and Compress function, these are the options under this: Compress PDF, Repair PDF, and PDF Converter. Under the View and Edit function, the options included are: PDF Reader, Edit PDF, Number Pages, Delete PDF Pages, Rotate PDF, and Share Document. While under the Sign and Security function, the options are: Unlock PDF, eSign PDF, Protect PDF and Add Watermark feature. Plus a lot more. Just visit their website to browse other online features that can help you with your files for free!!

Steps on How to Compress your PDF File:

What’s so good with GogoPDF is that it only takes four quick and easy-to-understand steps to accomplish its mission in compressing your PDF file. Once you click GogoPDF on your web browser, it will direct you to its homepage, and you only have to click the ‘Tools’ tab at the upper right of the page and then choose the ‘Compress PDF’ option. And then follow these four easy steps:

  1. Click the ‘Select Files’ option to choose the file you would like to compress on your computer. Or you can do the drag and drop technique. Yes, drag the file and then drop it on the conversion box you see on your GogoPDF page.
  2. Next, the tool will analyze your file and then start compressing your chosen file.
  3. This third step will be quick. It is where the complete process of the compression will happen, but again, as mentioned above, as long as you have a stable internet connection, the process will be complete for just about a couple of minutes.
  4. Compression process is completely done! All you have to do is download your compressed PDF file and save it on your device. That is how convenient it is to use any tools from the website!

This online tool is convenient for you and your needs, may this be at school or office. In just four easy steps, you were able to compress your PDF file without sacrificing its quality. In addition to that, GogoPDF allows you to share your downloaded compressed file on your chosen device and even on social media.

What Are The Perks of Using GogoPDF?

1. Security as Its Topmost Promise

Since most of the transactions are being done online and GogoPDF is the leading online tool, what it can promise its users is the safety and security of the files being uploaded. You may be worried because probably you have heard and experienced a lot of data hacking and identity theft, worry no more because GogoPDF can assure you that your files are treated with security and confidentiality because their system is designed to delete uploaded files after sixty minutes.

2. Quality Retention and Quick Processing

Some say to do it, “Slowly but surely.” But with this tool, you can positively complete the compression process in less than five minutes as long as you have a good internet connection. Not only that, it can compress your files to as tiny as 144 dpi to avoid the hassle of uploading your files through email. It may have reduced the size of your file, but it assures you of the maximum resolution of your PDF file without sacrificing the format and layout of your original file because one of their promises is that the output that they will give you is the best possible quality you can have.

3. Flexible with Multiple Platforms

Whether you are using Linux, Mac, or Windows, you will still be able to use Gogo PDFs Compress PDF Online Feature. You will not be encountering any problems too if you are using different browsers because you can simply access it via Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other internet browsers that you are comfortable using. That’s how flexible and convenient GogoPDF is.

In A Nutshell

No need to look for any other online tool that can help you compress your PDF files, GogoPDF has it all for you. Again, you have to keep in mind that for you to avoid delays and hassle, go to a place with a strong internet connection so that the tool can process everything for you seamlessly. Is this a paid application? Not. You can use this web-based platform for free with no other software required to make it work. What are you waiting for? Type in GogoPDF in your browsers and try exploring other features so that the next time you encounter problems with your PDF documents, you won’t have to waste time looking for other tools online.