Great Reasons to Visit a Kinesiologist and to Use Kinesio Tape

Looking after the body through different forms of fitness and exercise along with advances in nutrition and ways to rehydrate have changed massively since the turn of the millennium. Many of those looking to stay healthy may do it through team sports, while others prefer individual pursuits.

Sports and fitness have become an industry of their own with by products such as health drinks and protein shakes, along with all the associated equipment. It is natural with mass participation that more injuries will occur and that associated research into their prevention will also advance. The study of kinesiology originated in Stockholm, Sweden in 1813 has led to the production of injury preventing Kinesio tape which was first introduced by Dr. Kenzo Kase in 1979.

What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology is best defined as being the study of movement, identifying potential areas of stress and strain on the body, which leads to a weakening of a single muscle. 

Go and visit a Kinesiologist

A session with a Kinesiologist can identify the areas of weakness that are likely to lead to injury. Getting treated will offer ease with back pain while also releasing anxiety. Seeing a specialist will assist you staying fit or recover from injury quicker.

Reasons for using Kinesio tape.

  • Initially the tape was produced for elderly osteoarthritis patients. While widely used for sport and fitness the tape is also used as a therapeutic aid in worldwide independent clinics.
  • Kinesio tape is more flexible than other more conventional tapes and forms of support, meaning that it matches the movement of the skin with its elasticity blend of cotton and nylon. It is ideal for all fitness activities such as cycling.
  • There are different types of tape for different parts of the body, which are colour coded. Once the practitioner or physio identifies which muscles might be susceptible to injury, the tape is applied in specific patterns. It is often spotted when watching sports on TV with the unusual shapes and bright shades.
  • The tape gently lifts your skin with its adhesive nature, allowing a vacuum to form between it and the tissues underneath. The method also creates a space in shoulder and knee joints which reduces the chance of joint irritation. Maybe you wish to learn more and train to be a Kinesiologist.
  • Circulation is improved and swelling decreases when hurt while wearing Kinesio tape, making it an excellent cure to assist in early recovery from injuries. Owing to its flexibility, the tape is used as part of the healing process, as movement is unaffected and meaning that performance can improve when applied to fatigued muscles.
  • If you are in pain in everyday life owing to a muscle injury, the wearer of Kinesio tape can be used to ease the pain and aid recovery, It’s not just for athletes.

Whether you train, play or are worried about muscle pain and injury, heading to see a kinesiologist will soon identify your problem before you purchase Kinesio tape to aid recovery and to prevent further pulls and strains.