GT Fishing Explained For The Novice

Sportfishing is increasing in popularity all over the world, and one of the big game fish that people love to put their wits against is the Giant Trevally. If you want to try this type of fishing, there are many places that you can fish for this fish all around the world. There is a lot to take in for a beginner, so if you are going to try GT fishing for the first time, here is everything that you need to know to get you started and pit your wits against a fierce prey.

As such, you are going to need a boat to get to the areas that the fish is likely to be. You can either rent or buy fishing boats for sale.

You Will Need A Boat

The Giant Trevally is a large fish which is well known for its fighting spirit, and because of its size, you tend to find it in deeper waters and shallow reefs. As such, you are going to need a boat to get to the areas that the fish is likely to be. You may wish to use a larger vessel with an engine and a big deck, which will make landing your catch a much easier task.

Your Equipment

You are going to need a sturdy rod to land one of these massive Giant Trevally, and the hook is also a vital consideration you need to factor into your setup. You will want a style of hook that is not too thick, which may cause you issues so you cannot set the hook, but you also need one that is strong enough to stay in the fish and not let them get away.

Your Bait

When fishing for GT, most anglers will use a cup faced popper between 150 to 250mm, or stick baits between 180-300mm, to attract the fish. You will find that there are GT poppers for sale from Fish Head in a variety of different sizes and designs that can help you land one of these giant fish. GT can be fussy when it comes to going for bait, so you may wish to bring a variety of options along with you, which will maximise the chances of success of your fishing trip.

Get Ready For A Fight

The GT is well known for being able to put up a massive fight, and they can be an exhausting fish to land. You will need to be patient when trying to reel them in and work the line, and these fish can get up to a top speed of 60 km/h. Always be careful with the fishing line and the angle of the boat. Also, ensure that you do not let them drag the fishing line underneath you and the vessel.

Whether you are looking to catch GT in Australia, or anywhere else they are abundant, it is a type of fishing that you will love. The hard work and patience can pay off when you have a battle of wits with a Giant Trevally, and if you are looking to try this type of fishing, you can check references online to see some of the best destinations in the world that you can fish for the GT.