Guide of Buying the Right Sauna

In the past, traditional saunas have been available. However, currently, there is a new invention of infrared saunas. In the 1960’s, the original infrared saunas were developed aiming to be an energy efficient method for the heating sauna.

For an infrared sauna, it uses an infrared heating light instead of the traditional heating source so that it can raise the temperature to the level you desire. However, for steam room lovers and sauna lovers, there is now the installation of modern infrared saunas that are easily installed within the backyard or average home for a reasonable price.

Comparison between the Traditional and Infrared Saunas

For traditional saunas, it is the hot rocks splashed with water that will heat the air itself. The hot air will be heats the bodies of those occupying saunas. In infrared saunas, on the other hand, the light will heat the bodies directly and the air will be heated to offer additional effects.

It is therefore essential to understand the experiences you will face with an infrared sauna because you will not be having the same sauna experience. If you are a beginner sauna bather, you should know that infrared saunas don’t take as long to heat up compared to traditional saunas and therefore won’t reach the same temperature compare.

The other difference that you will find with these types of sauna heating is the operating expense. For traditional saunas, they will reach higher temperatures more than an infrared sauna. They use traditional heating sources and therefore tend to be more expensive for operation. So depending on the one you will consider to install, it’s essential to know the operational cost.

Infrared as the Mechanism of Heating

If you are interested in learning more about infrared sauna heating, you should know that infrared heat will be generated by a certain heating element. However, there are some essential elements that you can consider while selecting the efficient and cost-effective element of heating. Here are some of the components that the infrared sauna has:

  • Carbon fiber infrared heaters

The type of heating elements comes from carbon fiber rods or panels. The essential thing is that these carbon fiber heaters will be able to distribute the heat evenly. It is better in heat distribution than ceramic infrared heaters.

  • Ceramic infrared heaters

This kind of infrared heaters works by heating ceramic panels or rods. The ceramic material will, therefore, emit infrared heat that will help in warming the sauna. The best thing about ceramic infrared is that they are long-lasting and can, therefore, create a large quantity of the infrared heat.


It is essential to have infrared saunas. The vital thing is that they help in improving the health of individuals because they: offer stress relief, dry heat that detoxifies and also reducing arthritis aches, high blood pressure, and muscle pain. Overall, it would be a great idea for everyone to be visiting the sauna at the gym because they will be able to enjoy the benefits. However, it becomes a more beneficial way of getting all the benefits if you will own a sauna at your home because you have the access and convenience to use a sauna every day.