Hair Care Routine For Beginners/ How To Get Started

Being 14 and already having your hair care routine already figured out is great. You could also be 24, and still struggling with your hair care. Well, that is acceptable too and there is nothing wrong with it. It is safe to say that everyone moves at their own pace.

Taking care of your hair is not the simplest thing to do. It is time-consuming, and could sometimes be energy-draining, especially when you are not seeing the results you are working so hard for. But it is not supposed to always feel like that. 

Your hair care routine should be like a spa day. It should feel like a feel-good pamper day; because it is all about self-love. In this article, you are going to learn the best hair care tips and tricks from Aspley hairdressers. And after this, you should be able to create your perfect hair care routine, even as a beginner.

Steps To Creating The Perfect Hair Care Routine

If you are just starting, here are the best, easy-to-follow steps towards beautiful, glowing, and healthy hair;

Know Your Hair Type

This is your starting point. Different people have got different hair types so you should know that your hair is not the same as your friend’s or sisters. You are going to need to use hair products along the way in your hair care routine and if you don’t know your hair type, you are bound to make a lot of mistakes. 

When you hear the words ‘hair type’, you probably think about hair texture. But it goes beyond that; it includes your hair diameter that determines the coarseness or fineness of your hair, density, elasticity, porosity, and of course, texture.  

Choose Your Hair Products Correctly

The second step is to gather your hair products. Always make sure all our products match your hair type. The products you decide to go for will all be determined by your hair needs. But here are a few of the basics;

  • Shampoo and conditioner are the number one must-have hair products. Of course, you want to clean your hair regularly, as needed, and condition to keep your hair moisturized and give it the glow. It is also to avoid hair breakage and keep your hair free from dandruff. 
  • Hair protectants (spray or cream)
  • Hair essential oils and styling products 

Again, always make sure that all your hair products match your hair type, and this goes for other essentials too such as combs and brushes. You don’t want too hard bristles on fine hair. Similarly, thick, coarse hair would need a sturdier bristle brush.

Pick Your Hair Wash Day

Taking care of your hair every day, from cleaning it to styling it. But of course, you don’t have to wash your hair every day. It is recommended to do nothing more than three times a week. The reason why you should pick specific days for your hair wash routine is to build discipline and stay consistent. 

There are many things that determine when and how many times you wash your hair. First thing first, your hair needs; this includes your hair type and activities, such as working out, which make you sweat more. The products you use on your hair might also impact how many times you wash your hair.

For dry hair, it is best to shampoo at least twice every week. Thick and/ or curly hair may require two wash days per week. For ladies with oily hair, you might want to wash it at least three times. 

Styling Your Hair

Styling is also a part of hair care. You could do everything right, but if you can’t style right then everything becomes a waste. Well, don’t overthink this though. The important thing you must remember is not to go for styles that roughly pull your hair and are harsh. Rather, opt for more protecting hairstyles.