Hairstyle Ideas To Complement Your Wedding Dress

For every girl, the wedding day is one of the most special days in their life. They want to plan for the day in their way. Some start to plan for their wedding right after their engagement, while others may be planning for the day from their teenage days. Some wedding trends have followed the same manners for years, and some bridal hairstyles remain the same even today.

Before choosing any hairstyle for the wedding day, the brides should consider the following factors-

Inspiration For The Hairstyle

Some girls plan for their wedding day, dress, and hairstyle from a very early age. The day is more like a dream for them. They try to style their wedding hair look with a pillowcase veil or a ponytail “updo”. However, on the actual wedding day, hairstyles cannot be created that easily. Every look is created from inspiration. Most of the hairstyle inspirations are taken from magazines, favorite celebrities’ looks, recent wedding pictures of friends, and red carpet events.

To decide the perfect wedding hairstyle for your special day, you should narrow down two to three favorite looks and select one from them. Braided hairstyles for weddings have always been on the top in the bride’s favorite look books. 

Type of Hair

Before planning any hairstyle, think about the texture, length, and thickness of your hair. These are the most important factors for achieving any hairstyle. Hairstylists do not have any magic wand or dust to make someone’s hair beautiful at once. 

You cannot measure the thickness or texture of the hair only by looking at photos, so you should note down the color and length of your favorite hair looks. When you practice more on your own, it will give you a more realistic idea for the wedding day. 

You should not worry much about the length as many good-quality extensions can be found for your ideal look. They also can be found in different colors, so any look can be created with the perfect extensions. 

Whether your hair is straight or curly, there is always an option you can choose for your special day. For both types with highlights, updos will look amazing.

Create The Hair Look According To Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress also can give you some unique ideas about the hairstyle. Most wedding dresses are styled on your favorite celebrity or a model. Those images can also be helpful to figure out a new perspective about the hair look and practice for the best hair look on your own.  

If you plan to wear a dress that has a beautiful design on the back, any updo or pulled hairstyle will just look perfect with the dress. In that scenario, half or full down will not complement the wedding dress entirely.

Style The Look According To Your Regular Hairstyle

Your regular hairstyles are a big clue for your wedding hair look. The hairstyle that suits your personality and looks nice with the shape of your face is your regular hair look. Hairstyles that suit you more will be perfect for your wedding day with some special techniques and accessories. 

If you like to do a formal ponytail or low buns for your daily look, try to design a hairstyle that can be created with any of them. You also can get the hair look inspiration from some of your favorite pictures of yourself. The common denominator from all the photos will be the most important hint for the planning of your wedding hairstyle. 

Location and Weather

Location and weather of the wedding day are important factors that you should think about before choosing any hairstyle. If you are getting married on a hot summer day on a toasty sandy beach, a boho fishtail braid will be just perfect. On the other hand, if you are getting married in the fall, a loosely curled low bun should be the look for the day. 

If you are still reading this article, you are already aware of the facts which should be considered before choosing any hairstyle for the wedding day. Now, you should take notes about the types of popular wedding hairstyles, and we are here to help you to choose the best one for your special event-

Different Types of Updos

Wedding hairstyle favorites keep changing almost every year, but the updo is a look that always looks perfect almost on every bride. A bridal bun can be designed in a versatile way with loose braid, knot, or twists. Messy buns also look beautiful on most brides. 

There is always one bun that will look just perfect with your wedding gown and natural hair texture. 

The bridal bun will look more subtle and calm if some light-colored flowers with some wispy and face-framing pieces are added to it. To add an extra glance of romance, put some tiny white blooms to your updo. 

The twisted hairstyle gives an additional visual interest to the wedding hairstyle. To create the look, make a sleek ponytail by pulling your hair. For extra elegance and volume, add curls to the look. With this look, you will be able to show off your long hair and luxurious locks. Moreover, you will not feel fussy with this hairstyle.

Half Up and Half Down

If you want to show off the neckline of your gown, then a half-up, half-down should be the hairstyle. With this hairstyle, you will also be able to keep your hair out of the face. This hairstyle can be fashioned with sprigs of baby’s breath and a braid crown. 

A hair knot can be added to make the look ethereal with a touch of chic vibes. If you are aiming for an ultra-glam look, style the hair by smoothing the front part, and the back portion should be teased. This look will seem sleek from the front and thick from the backside. 

Wholly Down

If you are gifted with long tresses, you can show off your hair with some gorgeous soft curls. To keep them sleek and shiny all day long, use some anti-frizzing hair products on them when you style the waves of the classic middle part. 

Some brides make the look more gorgeous by using some temporary dye to color on the end of the curls. Before trying anything bold, you should think about the wedding photos and the entire look. 

To make your hair look ultra-glamorous, blow dry them for extra volume, and add some smooth curls to the end. Then pin a sparkly barrette to style your hair up from one side down. 

Side Braids For Elegant Hairstyles

For long and medium-length hair, side braids can be a perfect choice to create an elegant boho look for the bride at the wedding. A wedding braid can be fashioned with some beads to make it look more glamorous. A piece of a stone accessory can also be a good addition to the look. 

Hair Accessories

There are no specific rules for wearing accessories for the bride. Your hair will look genuinely elevated with the right one. It will tie together the whole aspect of the bridal look. From hair combs to tiaras, there are numerous options to choose from when it comes to selecting a hair accessory for the bride. 

Try to choose an accessory for your hair according to your style. It can be a flower crown, regular crown, ribbon, or a piece of stone side clip. Some other great options include sparkly headbands, hair vines, and fun hairpins. 

Hire a Hairstylist

If you think you are not prepared enough to style your hair on your own and are planning to get married during a busy bridal season, it will be wise to book your hairstylist as early as possible. Early booking for something special is always a good idea and lessens some worries too. To ensure a smooth schedule, try to discuss the hairstyle details, time of the photoshoot, payment method, and gratuities with your stylist. 

To find out the best hair stylist, take references and recommendations from your friends and family. Try to select some photos of your favorite bridal hair looks so that you can show them to your stylist. 

You may find a hairstyle very beautiful on a model or celebrity, but that look may not look that perfect on you. There is no need to feel less about it. A specific hairstyle cannot look good for everyone. Just choose a look in which you will feel comfortable and good about yourself. When a person feels good about something, they look best in anything.