Home Fitness Solutions: A New Level of Freedom & Independence

We’re all wrapped up in the current global trend for high-level fitness and while Covid might have put pay to your regular gym hours and you’re struggling to put in the time on the weights, there is a solution. We are all investing a lot of time to stay fit, not to mention the gym membership and by investing in your very own gym equipment, you can enjoy an unprecedented level of independence.

Buy, Don’t Rent

Ask yourself, are you planning on quitting your fitness regime? Of course, not and that means you’re going to be using state of the art fitness equipment for the rest of your life and if you buy the equipment, rather than rent it, you are saving a lot of money. To get a good idea of what is available, check out the Decathlon Sport Store, a leading Thai supplier of state-of-the-art fitness equipment and weights, where you can view a wide range of top-rated equipment, all at affordable prices.

Workout Routines

If you used to follow an instructor at the gym, home routines can be followed from the many workout routines to be found on YouTube, covering all levels of fitness. Find one that seems to work for you and you can follow it at any time, with streaming on-demand video and after time, you can develop your own routine and listen to your favourite playlist as you burn those muscles. If you’re spending more time at home, these ways might help you.

Reclaim that Travelling Time

However long it takes you to get to the gym from your home, this time is instantly reclaimed when you have a home gym. Precious time that we can never get back and you can be spending it with those you love, rather than driving to the gym every day. The return journey could make it 1 hour a day that you are on the move and that’s a lot of time to lose, which can be reclaimed by investing in some gym equipment. 

Beat Covid

The entire world is suffering due to the pandemic and if Covid has impacted your fitness regime, take control of the situation and simply buy the equipment you need to work out from home. That ensures a lifetime of fitness and you are no longer paying to use someone else’s equipment. Regarding Covid-19, you are not going anywhere, so you couldn’t be safer, plus you are the only one using your equipment, so you can rest assured you won’t be infected. At present, there seems to be no end in sight, regarding lockdowns, so think about investing in a home gym and with low-interest finance, you can spread the cost over a few months.

Of course, you could start with a couple of dumbbells, a bar and a bench, then add to that over the coming months, and once you have a complete gym, that’s you sorted for the rest of your life.