How Much Should You Spend On Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

When it comes to weddings, it is more than just the union of two people. A wedding includes aesthetic decorations, quality caterings, good ambiance and of course amazing exotic wedding flowers. Since ages, wedding flowers have been used as a symbol of love and culture. It is carried by the bride as a symbol of good omen and good luck and to carry away bad spirits, of course, it also adds a sweet scent to the bride and adds serenity to the bride walking down the aisle making her look divine. Wedding flowers are essential, usually bought on wholesale or online, they need to be exotic and fresh, they are used for decorations, table showpieces, etc. In some weddings, the wedding flower is the only decoration, e.g., in beach weddings. The beauty and power of these flowers cannot be denied, but the weight they put on the pocket also cannot be ignored. Hence, it becomes essential to have a budget and an idea of the amount when it comes to buying wedding flowers.

Usually bought wholesale, wedding flowers should not be consuming a lot of the budget for an ideal wedding. However, a wedding that is based on the flowers for decoration can always choose to give in a huge portion of their budget for these flowers. It is thus expected that they will be spending as much on flowers if not more, than what they are paying for the catering or the venue. In an ideal scenario, the flowers are required for the following four basic things. Hence it becomes essential to save money on those to bring down the overall wedding flower budget. There are other uses also, but these are the basic ones:

Bridal flowers
Bridal flowers – The bride carries the flowers as a symbol of beauty and good omens. These flowers are essential. However, these are the also the flowers that need not have a high budget. Pinterest self-made bouquets are extremely popular, they are beautiful, handmade and cost almost nothing. The personal touch makes it look all the more radiant.

Flowers for table decorations
Flowers for table decorations – Flowers for table decoration are another crucial aspect of a wedding. A lot is spent behind both the flower and the lower carrier. According To Cheryl from Lamouretfleurs hence even though the flower can be bought in wholesale, the baskets can always by DIY-ed. This allows the overall cost to come down by dollars; hence you can always buy more beautiful flowers with that money instead of spending them behind expensive baskets.

Flowers for decoration – This is where the most flowers are required, therefore saving dollars in this area can save a lot. Get flowers online, where they can deliver to you the flowers hours before so that they remain fresh and scented during the wedding. Use simple but unique items to complement the flowers, for example, use fairy lights wrapped around flowers, or simple lanterns with flowers, or a bird’s cage with flowers. These simple DIYs can add a huge impact to the wedding. Not just the cost goes down, but it also makes it look extremely artsy and aesthetic.

floor decoration
Flowers were strewn on the floor when the bride enters, and other miscellaneous wedding flowers – The flowers strewn on the floor can always be bought from local markets, the need not be quality flowers. They can also be handpicked from a nearby garden. The miscellaneous flowers can always be used from the extra flowers that have been bought for decorations; hence the cost here can be kept as minimal as possible, and the result is as good as it gets. After all, a thought out budgeted wedding is never a failure.

Often price sensitive weddings too demand exotic wedding flowers that are extremely high prices and have to be bought overseas, in such a scenario, start shopping a year ago and look out for all the options, check the prices and compare and then bargain to get the flowers of your choice. For DIY, you can also plant flowers of your choice appropriately in time with your wedding, in your backyard, that way you can have access to flowers that are technically free. Growing flowers inside hanging baskets at your house and later using them for the wedding is also a good and sustainable idea, besides you can always take it to your newly wedded home as a symbol of good luck, after the wedding.

It is always suitable and convenient if the budget on flowers goes down. This will create an opportunity for better decoration. Regarding items beside flowers and good quality catering, it also leaves you enough money to save; hence you can always add that money to your honeymoon plans. Wish you a prosperous wedding!