How To Add Magic To Your Children’s Bedroom With Wall Art

There is no easier way to convey your personality than with a little wall décor when it comes to making a room feel like home. Get creative with how you display your images; there are more options than constantly hanging an image on a blank wall to showcase your wall art. In this article, we’ll show you how to add personality to your child’s boring walls using these fun and wonderful ideas for children’s bedroom wall art.

Tell A Story With Stickers

Transform a dull grey wall into a vibrant focal point. To break up a block of colour, use vivid wall stickers in interesting and lively designs that children will enjoy. Carefully place the stickers to give added effect.

Does Your Child Have A Favourite Theme?

Character box frames provide a little 3D fun. Every child has favourite items that they would like to memorialise in wall painting. Fill three dimensional frames in neutral tones with beloved plush toys or figurines to create a beautiful wall display. For a beloved look, repeat the design with plenty of additional soft toys. You can quickly update the frames with the next interest if excitement subsides…

Who Doesn’t Love An Adventure?

A colourful map mural might inspire magical stories, or a vintage-style map encompassing a single wall can transform an all-white design into a child explorer’s dream. Maintain the traditional atmosphere with a well-placed chair and a flag-themed cushion from which your aspiring explorer can plan his or her journeys throughout the world.

Unique Objects Make A Statement…

Use bold architecture and vivid colours to create a unique look for your child’s room. Maybe you could lean stunning painted wood branches against the walls as sculptures or unique clothes hooks, or both, for a 3D approach to artwork. Perhaps you could give a 1980s outfit a current twist? To create a lively chill-out zone, start with large angular wall murals and playful box-like seats in geometric designs.

A Child’s Room Is An Artistic Breeding Ground

Make the most of your child’s artistic abilities by creating an exhibition place for them – after all, as Pablo Picasso famously remarked, “Every child is an artist.” Use their works of art to add colour and personality to the space – it’s a great way to start a scheme that can simply be updated with fresh artwork when the mood changes. Hang a stretch of ribbon along a main wall and attach artwork with coloured hooks or stationery clips for an easy-to-change gallery.

Don’t Be Afraid To Spell It Out

Children enjoy seeing their names printed, so use decorative wall letters to give them a sense of ownership. A child’s scheme might be started with large wooden characters installed in a fun manner. To make a fantastic centrepiece, hang it on a blank wall over a wooden cabin-style bunk bed finished in a distinctive tone. A trademark armchair, as well as plenty of soft pillows and gadgets in monochrome colours, complete the den-style design.

Bedrooms for kids are so much fun to decorate and there’s practically no limit to the potential and no design rules to stand in the way. 

What’s your favourite way to decorate?