How to Backpack Across Europe with Your Baby

Backpacking is just an adventurous hobby that everyone should try every once in a while. You get to enjoy packing everything you need and setting foot on a whole new country. The thrill you get from visiting a foreign place is unparalleled. You get to immerse yourself in a different culture and learn new things. The scenic views accompanied by the language, food, and ways of living are just amazing.

It educates you and gives you enough time to make memories with your loved ones. It does make you feel independent and free as you start to explore these new places. Continents such as Europe offer some of the best backpacking experiences. Delving into the rich and diverse culture of Europe is just magical. Every place in Europe has something unique and great to offer.

Tips on How to Backpack Across Europe With a Baby

  • Save Up – The first and foremost thing you need to consider is to save up as much as you can. The world runs by money, and you need it to get wherever you want to. You have to work diligently and make certain sacrifices on the process too.

Avoid splurging your money on fancy and secondary things, especially when you have a baby at home. You just need to prioritize things and keep the rest at bay for later. In this way, you can have just enough to spend it on you and your baby.

  • Stay on a Budget – You need to stay on a budget. Europe isn’t a cheap place to travel to, especially with a child on board. Plus, you need to spend money on buying diapers, baby foods, and other baby essentials. You need to be frugal with your spending, especially with your accommodation costs.

But that does not mean you should stay at the nasty low-budget hotels. Just remember to pick the reasonable ones without compromising the quality. You can couch surf, use Airbnb, camping, or even stay at houses of common friends to avoid wasting money.

You can even book a Eurail train pass instead of an itinerary in case you have bulky luggage. But you can always treat yourself here and there. You don’t have to be stingy with yourself and avoid all the fun.

  • Bring Your Camera – You are traveling with your baby, so he/she won’t fully remember anything about it. Even if they do, it will only be a fraction of it. So, make sure to click pictures and record videos for memories in these best places. It will be something for you and your family to look back at down the line.

If you own a YouTube channel or planning to start one, then vlogging the entire trip would be a great idea. You can store it online as a memory and for others to view it too. You will be giving future travelers and insight too.

  • Pack Light – It is always important to pack light, especially when you have an infant. You can take about two packs with you that include a daypack and a baby carrier. For this, you might want to check out the flexible ergonomic Hipseat baby carrier as it is extremely convenient to help you carry your baby around, make the experience easier.

You can always take less as it depends on your situation and convenience. Avoid packing all the unimportant stuff because you can always get it out there. Overpacking will only slow you down and cause trouble.

  • The Daily Routine – Yes, traveling to a different continent/country will cause you to make changes, but it is best to stick with your daily baby routine. You can always carry in some specific food that your baby eats if there is a specific diet. You can also get it out there if you forget, but it is always best to stick to the usual diet routine.

If your baby also has a specific sleeping routine, then make sure to stick to it. It will take time to get accustomed, but try sticking to the usual clock. Don’t forget to carry their meds (If they are on) and be consistent throughout the trip.

Summing It Up!

Traveling with a baby isn’t easy, but it sure is fun. Remember to enjoy not just the big things but the little ones too. Create as many memories as you can while you are out there. Europe certainly doesn’t disappoint with trips in general, and family trips are incredibly fun out there. Make sure to double-check all the important stuff and make the most out of the trip.