How to Buy Pentobarbital Safely – A Short Guide

Life is not a bed of roses – there could be plenty of things, good or bad. Eventually, every one of us meets his end. And while some lucky people pass away peacefully in sleep, it happens that sometimes we have to face quite a difficult decision.

Euthanasia is not an easy matter. There are lots of discussions around it both in the US and in several countries of the EU. Places, where it is allowed, can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Unfortunately, there may happen a situation when voluntary death might be preferable to a painful and even unconscious existence.

We are not going to discuss whether it is ethically appropriate or not. Instead, we want to protect you from wretched people who can try to gain profit from other people’s pain.

That is why we’ve decided to create this short but comprehensive guide – to help people who are about to make the hardest decision in their entire life to avoid scams and a waste of money.

What is pentobarbital?

Pentobarbital is a short-acting barbiturate. It is commonly used as a cure for insomnia or a sedative for people with epilepsy. But in high doses, it can cause death. That is why pentobarbital-based drugs are widely used for euthanasia in the countries where it is allowed. Note that pentobarbital itself is an active substance that can be used in numerous pills. The most commonly used drug for voluntary death is Nembutal.

For example, in the Netherlands, Nembutal is commonly used in physician-assisted suicide. The dosage depends on the individual solution, but usually, it is 9 grams of pentobarbital sodium for injection and 10 grams for the oral dose. Of course, in the case of euthanasia, a doctor maintaining the whole procedure will individually calculate the dose according to body constitution and health condition.

Another vital thing to take into consideration is that pentobarbital-assisted euthanasia causes no pain and suffering. Being initially a cure for insomnia, it puts a person to deep painless sleep, causing then a respiratory arrest. Numerous researches have proved that for a human being, an entire process is indistinguishable from an ordinary falling asleep.

Pitfalls of buying pentobarbital online

Nevertheless, while providing mild sedation and being one of the most effective drugs for voluntary death, pentobarbital had been withdrawn from regular use more than twenty years ago. Currently, those drugs may be purchased directly from manufacturers or online stores. In most cases, you’ll also be required to show a doctor’s prescription. That’s why very often people go online looking for a Nembutal.

But it is tough to find a trustworthy website while searching “where can I buy pentobarbital safely.” Taking into consideration that a cost for a dose of pentobarbital is usually over $1,000, no wonder that numerous scammers are trying to make money. The most common scheme here is when a customer is offered to pay money without receiving anything at all – in this case, the website might disappear in several days. A bit more rare pattern for scammers is to make money and send some random drug marked as Nembutal or some other pentobarbital-based medication.

Taking into consideration that scammers prefer to delete their websites from time to time, changing their URLs and even entire appearance of them, it is pointless to add known pentobarbital scams list to this article. Fortunately, there are plenty of scam list websites, and before thinking of a purchase, you should take time and check the website’s URL on one of them. We advise you at least to copy the URL address and to paste it in a Google search, to see if there are any scam-connected messages and comments about it.

Avoiding the frauds

When choosing the right web-store to find Nembutal for sale, you can check several tokens, which are often shared among fraud sites. So here are five useful hints on how to understand whether the website is trustworthy or not:

  • Always check a website’s URL at least in Google search or in scam-lists;
  • Check the date of domain name registration of the website;
  • If possible, try to contact the website’s administration via a phone call;
  • Pay attention to poor grammar and spelling;
  • Use only those payment options which you consider to be secure and trustworthy;

Also, please note that when searching “where can I buy pentobarbital safely” and “Nembutal for sale,” try to avoid some Dark Web stores and all the online-shops that offer you to pay with Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrencies. If you don’t want to lose money, keep in mind that Dark Web is not a place to order anything at all, and Bitcoins do not leave any trace of payment, and you won’t be able even to prove you’ve paid for something.

So, where can I buy pentobarbital safely?

Another “must” is a license check. As you understand, Nembutal and other drugs for physician-assisted euthanasia are dangerous and can’t be sold freely as some vitamin pills. It means that a distributor must have an official license that should be demonstrated on the website. For example, has all the permissions required to sell pentobarbital-based drugs and maintains all the infrastructure necessary for support and delivery.

Finally, keep in mind that pentobarbital is banned in numerous countries, so it could be purchased with a doctor’s prescription, and it obviously can not be cheap. If someone is trying to sell you Nembutal or any other drug for physician-assisted euthanasia at a low price, you can be absolutely sure it is a scam. That is sad, but there are lots of people trying to gain money on other people’s sorrow.

If things happened the way that you have to face a necessity of euthanasia for your relatives, do not think of yourself as a good or a bad person. Life is usually bigger than that. It could be prohibited in your country, but it is often more humanely to end one’s torments than to let someone live and suffer from constant pain.