How To Choose The Perfect Home Builder?

When you plan to build the house of your dreams, then you want the best materials and inclusions, quality workmanship, a perfect design and a price that gives great value for money.

To make your dreams come true, you need an experienced and exceptional home builder. There are many builders but all can not deliver the results you deserve. You need the best.

How To Find The Right Home Builder For Your Needs?

List Down The Options- To begin with, compile a list of builders in your area. What are you looking for a double story or a single storey house?If you are building a modern, luxury home, then it is suggested, you avoid a builder who builds for first home buyers. You may start with the search on Google for builders of your criteria and visit websites of those who appeal to you. But ask family and friends who use them to build their home-was it the first home , a custom design or an investment?

You can even use social media. Followers will tell or respond with recommendations and cautions of not to appoint whom.

  • Research On Your Own- Narrow down your master list of Builders. Cut down the brand new companies who have a few builds under their belt. Your dream home requires a builder with expertise. Cut out that builder that has not been building houses for 5 to 10 years. Some best builders have been around for 25 years.
  • Read The Reviews- Check out Google my business page of the Builder. There are reviews left by previous clients at the bottom. Some people only leave a review when something negative happens. Look at the latest reviews from the last couple of years. Note the red flags. If a builder gets negative reviews consistently, then cross them off your list.
  1. Browse The Builders Portfolio- See the designs of the houses they have built and their appearance. If you really like them have a chat with them as they are likely to customise a design and style for you.
  2. Interview The Top Builders- After assessing the builders credentials chat to the top 2 builders in your list. Interview them by asking questions that you feel are important. Enquire about the neighbourhood unless you are building on your own plot of land. It is the builders job to give you all the information.

  • Contact The Previous Customers- Contact the builders past customers and ask about their experience working with the builder. Ask them about the condition of the house. Also see some of the builder’s past properties in person. Notice things like the quality of the brick work.
  • Emphasis On The Details- Many builders give you a tour of unfinished or finished homes they are working on. Model homes are perfect because you can see what elements you like or dislike. Pay attention to the details. Quality of workmanship, open and close cabinetry doors and drawers . Notice the things used are cheap or high quality, paint on the walls and tiling in the shower and kitchen. There shouldn’t be any flaws . Also pay attention to how they treat you. They should be responsive and respectful. A great builder will respond in a reasonable amount of time with professionalism and respect. Reliable home builders in Hunter Valley is one such builder who has got all the positive reviews..
  • Get Everything In Writing- On finalising a builder, confirm with them your expectations. If they agree then get it in writing. This contract is your protection in the home building process