How To Earn Some Extra Cash For Phones And Other Gadgets That You Have Already Used

Most households have drawers filled with mobile phones and other gadgets that are just lying there, with dust forming thick layers over them. 

If you also have such products in your home, you know that you could actually earn some extra cash for phones, laptops, or other gadgets? 

There are many who opt for either exchanging their phones or simply have sentimental values attached to their gadgets that make it difficult for them to sell their phones. What you need to understand is that any gadget that you buy, including your phones, are your liabilities. They will keep losing their value the more you keep it to yourselves. 

If you are planning to sell your phones, you will need to make a quick decision about it. It is always better to recycle or sell it as it will be beneficial for both you and your buyer. 

You will get some pocket money by doing nothing and your buyer will get what he wants at a much lower rate. 

So, how do you exactly earn some extra cash by selling your phone? Find the answer below. 

  • Cover your screens with a screen protector

We all have equal chances of dropping our phones or our phones slipping out of our hands and landing on the tables, scratching the screen in the process. This is where having a screen protector can do wonders for you. 

A screen protector is an additional layer of either glass or plastic that covers the phones. It is often suggested to get the glass one. This screen covers the original display of the phone and keeps it protected from all the scratches. 

When you drop your phone, the layer will get affected first, before the damage can reach the original screen. And you can easily get this replaced at a much lesser cost than getting a new screen for the phone. 

  • Use a phone case

It’s true that phone cases can hide the beauty of mobile phones. But today, when you get expensive yet delicate phones, back covers and phone cases are a necessity more than a want. This phone case is used to protect the screen and back from breaking. 

You need it to make sure that your phone is far off from all the dents or scratches that will spoil the look of the phone. Make sure you put your phone in the case before you start using it. This way it will remain protected for a longer period of time. 

  • Clean it thoroughly

Cleanliness has more benefits than just keeping your mind sane. The cleaner your phone is, the more chances you have of selling your phone. Be it a website or a direct buyer, make sure that your phone is clean and works well before you sell it. 

Cleaning includes both on the outside and on the inside. On the outside, use a lightly damp cloth or maybe a paper towel to get rid of the dirt. For cleaning the phone from the inside, make sure you take out all the necessary data and then hit the format button. Your phone is then good to sell. 

  • Keep the box as well as all the parts

Selling the reused phone in the original case with all the original accessories that you bought it with will earn your brownie points.

The chances increase when you present your phones or other gadgets in a similar manner that you received them in, even if it’s not the same. It will make your device look a lot more appealing to customers. 

  • Get the screen repaired if it’s cracked

If you have been using your phone for quite a lot of time, the chances of your screen being cracked are high. We all become careless at least once. Your buyer also would have done the same sometime back.

However, that does not mean that you will send him the phone with a cracked screen. Or any damage for that matter. 

Though, get the repairs done only if you are selling it directly to the buyer. If you are considering selling your phone to a third-party reseller website, you can leave the phone as is. 

  • Always be honest

Someone said honesty is the best policy. We believe that it should be your policy as well, at least when you are selling your phones online. 

It is vital for you to be honest if you truly are looking to sell your phone or other gadgets. This way you will attract the right audience and you will save plenty of time. 

Give a detailed description of your phone. Let the buyer know in advance if there are any issues with the gadget. This will increase your chances of selling the product. 


Selling a phone online for extra cash can always be beneficial for you, financially. Just make sure that you are selling it in the right condition, with all the original accessories, and after getting all the repairs done if it’s damaged.