How to Find the Perfect Cracked Heel Cream for Cracked Heels

We often tend to ignore our foot care. Foot cream is a must-have in the daily beauty routine, just like a face or a hand lotion. We usually skip pampering our feet, and this results in a lack of hydration which leads to cracked and dry heels. This is the most common issue women face when the feet do not get an appropriate amount of moisturization. Cracked Heel Cream like Cracked Heel Remedy from Primose Valley Naturals work wonders.

Why cracked heels?

Our feet remain an ignored part when it comes to skincare. They, too, need proper care and pampering. The foot skin is harder as compared to other parts, and so it tends to dry faster. This dry skin lacking hydration leads to cracked heels, which are very painful and can even result in an infection if this persists. Since the skin is harder, a face or body moisturizer will not work on the cracked heels. The cream needs to have intense moisturizing capabilities to provide proper hydration to the feet.

What must a cream for cracked heels have?

Unlike regular sunscreens or body butter, a cracked heel cream needs to have many protective properties. It must be antimicrobial in action, which means that such creams must-have ingredients like silver nitrate, which have antimicrobial properties to waive off the issues of infections and blisters. The cream must have rich moisturization properties. The foot cream must have essential fatty acids, natural oils, petroleum jelly, aloe vera, cocoa butter, and Shea butter to provide the desired amount of moisturization to prevent cracked heels. It must also provide the required amount of nourishment to the body and help the cracked skin rebind itself. The best-cracked heel cream would also have anti-inflammatory properties to treat the cracks. Ingredients like Sativa seed oil or sage extracts work wonders. It provides balance to the skin and relieves it from dryness and cracks. The crack cream should be a mixture of natural ingredients derived from plants.


The good news is that managing your dry and cracked heels is simple. All you need to do is to follow a foot care routine and take desired steps to relieve your feet from the pain of cracked heels. Putting your best foot forward again needs you to choose the suitable crack cream to help you cure the dry and crack skin fast. Your feet carry your body around, and they need proper care. The heel area needs foot creams made with richer textures than regular body lotions and must have good exfoliating properties. Just put on a thick layer of your foot cream, wear a pair of socks, and seal the cream overnight to soothe the skin. This will give you the best results, and you will get your soft and delicate feet back in no time.