How To Get an Inactive Twitter Username That’s Been Dormant for Over a Year?

One thing that’s weird about Twitter is that you can easily find inactive usernames you can claim if you know where to look. The catch? It may take a year before the account becomes available. This happens when people forget about their old handles or tweets and move on to something else. Even if you are waiting longer than a year, depending on how active the user was from the beginning, it might still be worth it to try.

Just because a Twitter account has been registered doesn’t mean you can’t get the handle. The critical thing is, it must be dormant for at least a year or more before you can file a claim to get it. After that, it’s straightforward to prove that the name you want is inactive, and then it’s as good as yours.

The process takes some time, but the payoff can be worthwhile if you are on a mission to get your business or brand name on Twitter.

Here is the process to get the inactive account

To get the inactive twitter username, you need to use a service via social media agency that will file a claim on your behalf. They will do the hard work for you and file a claim with Twitter so that you can have the username. This is a straightforward process for you because they do all the work. You don’t do much of anything other than wait for the account to be switched over to yours.

You need to be aware that all of this takes about a week or so. It’s not a quick process, but when you consider how valuable the name can be to you, it will be worth it. You’ll then have access to the account; your old account will be switched to it. That means all of your followers and posts will automatically be switched over to your new username.

Is it a lot of work to get the inactive account switched over?

There’s no work on your end other than providing the social media agency with the details they need, which is your current handle and your desired handle. They have to file a claim on your behalf, and they will do this by sending in this information. Once they apply for a claim with an internal team at Twitter, the process starts, and your application goes for a review. Once that’s done, just wait for the process to be complete, and the account will show up under your name.

The great thing is that claims are usually easily approved. If you go through a reputable company, they won’t have any problems getting you the account. Also, using a reliable service will guarantee that you get the inactive Twitter username you want.

Work on building your account before the inactive account is switched over

You should build up your account before you have the inactive account switched over. That means tweet often, following people, and having a professional-looking bio. All of this will make a difference when the inactive account is switched over, and your fans and followers will already be there.

Twitter will also look at the standing of your current account to see if it’s worthy of having the inactive account transferred to it. If you’re not doing very much with your account now, it’s unlikely that Twitter will switch the dormant account to you. So, make sure you build your current presence before waiting on the transfer to complete.