How to Go About Having an Elegant Wedding

Essentially, your wedding day is all about celebrating the love you share with your partner. Nonetheless, you have an objective of throwing an elegant party that leaves your guests talking about for years on end. Well, you could even be aiming for a wedding of the century. 

The main issue now is making sure that your wedding stands out from all the weddings attended by your friends and family in the past. If you are the person that never does half of anything and only settles for the finer things in life, here is a detailed guide on how to plan that glamorous wedding.

An Exquisite Wedding Theme

An elegant wedding is concentrated on the sophisticated touches that tie everything together and give it a five-star vibe. It is all about luxury and aesthetics and you rarely consider the cost. For an elegant wedding theme, you will have one of these options to choose from; romantic, rustic, classic, garden, contemporary, vintage, beach, vineyard, and glamorous.

Reception Venue

For an elegant wedding, you need to have the reception at a historic house, ballroom, or a 5-star hotel room with a breathtaking view. You should have more emphasis on luxury and opulence and there is no better place to showcase your taste than at the reception venue.

Ceremony Venue

 Most elegant weddings begin at an indoor venue that includes churches or ceremony venues with a spectacular and glamorous view. Most couples opt for a traditional ceremony with flower girls, bridesmaids, and pageboys and the bride walking down the aisle beside her parents while the groom and his groomsmen wait at the altar. 


The décor in most luxurious weddings tends to be bent on the white color, more of where the name ‘white wedding’ originated from. The décor has to be crisp, clean, opulent, and every detail is given keen attention. Traditional elegant weddings featured large chandeliers alongside lots of glitz while recently, metallic décor is used in plenty. 


Couples who want to remain elegant on their big day normally use conventional but expensive invitation cards for their guests. Such invitation cards are made of ribbons, letterpress, lace, and italic font details. Couples can also include a ‘wedding logo’ using their initials. 


The photography will generally focus on the huge expanse or allure of the venue, décor details, and the bride and groom themselves. The photography’s objective is to showcase the wedding’s elegance and glamour. The photo session venue must match the wedding’s five-star vibe.

Dress Code

The dress code in most glamorous weddings is formal and above. The dress code is normally indicated on the invitations and guests start preparing their attire before the wedding day. Grooms can as well get their groom suits Brisbane.


The maids mostly wear similar bridesmaid dresses or evening gowns sometimes. They are normally matched with each other and some of them are selected by the bride. Their bouquets are a bit smaller than the bride’s and they can be a different shade of similar flowers.

The Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is typically slim-line, fitted with expensive lace, and is mostly imported internationally. Since an elegant wedding mostly happens indoors, the bride is not restricted by the terrain and they can go to extreme lengths. Matching the dress with a floor-length veil or hairpiece is also a common occurrence.

Formal Wear

 Grooms normally wear tuxedos or crisp black suits. They can also go for black bow ties rather than the common necktie to match. Their groomsmen also wear similar or near similar attires although their suits may not be as costly as groom suits Brisbane.