How to Load a Speargun?

Fishing newbies often have trouble loading their first speargun, but this is mostly because they don’t know how to do it the right way. A speargun is an intricate device, and it has a few quirks that take time to get used to.

Then, there’s the usual rubber problem, which sometimes seems too short or hard to pull. Beginners are also somewhat hesitant when operating a speargun as it looks pretty intimidating. And rightfully so, because sometimes, mishandling can lead to injury. With this detailed guide, you can discover what you’re doing wrong and load your gun successfully – and safely.

Change the rubbers

New spearguns usually come with short bands, and this is a standard-issue among most models, but it can be fixed easily. All you need to do is invest in longer rubbers, which reduce the overall struggle of loading your speargun. Once the replacement is in place, you will be able to pull the bands without exerting a lot of force. This is a great way to get the hang of the loading process for beginners and can easily be changed later once they’re familiar with the loading technique. To get longer rubbers, simply visit your nearest hardware store or shop online.

Invest in a hip loader

Unlike chest loading spearguns, the hip loading versions are easier to work with, which is why so many people prefer them. Unfortunately, recent speargun models can only be loaded on the chest. Regardless, you can easily buy a hip loader at a retail store or online to take the pain away from the process.

These are thick pads that can be attached near the waist belt, and they offer a buffer between your body and the gun. Thus, the end of the weapon can be pressed against the hip loader, which will also help it stay in place during unintended movements.

Get a chest loading pad

Unfortunately, some wetsuits come without a thick pad around the chest area, leaving spearfishermen prone to a lot of blisters. Naturally, these are great when transitioning from a hip-loading gun to a modern variant. Since it removes the painful part associated with loading, it is easier for beginners to successfully pull the rubbers and load the gun at their chest.

How to load a speargun the right way

Bend your upper torso and position the butt of your speargun at the upper end of your stomach, then, place your fingers inside the wishbone with your palms facing upwards, and pull. This movement will allow you to reach the bands without asking someone else for help, and it will also reduce the chances of accidental firing.

Safety first

To ensure that you don’t hurt yourself or anyone near you, keep the safety on until you’re in the water, ready to catch some fish. Even then, make sure the gun isn’t pointed at someone as a misfire can seriously injure the human body. You can also invest in some tip protectors, so you don’t accidentally scratch yourself or any surfaces while carrying the speargun.