How to Make your Food Packaging Environmentally Friendly

Many companies have started working on integrating a more environmentally-friendly concept into their business, especially those in the food industry. Whether it’s becoming a carbon-neutral entity or just plainly out of the desire to reduce their ecological footprint, finding ways to make an environmentally positive impact in the food industry is good not only for the earth but also for their business. 

If you are looking for ways to make your company more earth-friendly, then this article is for you. We will look at some of the most effective means of how you can make your food packaging products eco friendly. To start off, let’s look at one of the most common ways to make eco friendly food packaging — less plastic. 

1. When less is more

It’s easy to understand why many businesses use plastic items to pack their food products. Plastic is cheap and it is accessible. Plastic can be shaped into whatever form or specification making them a versatile item to put food in. However, despite the convenience, plastic has some known negative effects on the environment and on one’s health. 

Plastic takes decades to decompose and can contaminate the seas and the soil where they are dumped in. Its effect on us humans can be as adverse and devastating. Cheap plastic is often made with harmful chemicals and when they mix with the food we eat, it can damage our bodies over time. 

Try to use alternatives whenever possible. Some examples are using paper or starch-based food packaging. 

2. Use recycled or recyclable food packaging

Another option for environmentally friendly food packaging is to use recycled or recyclable products. Some examples are boxes made out of recycled cardboard. Companies that manufacture them take the majority of the components from recycled paper and other used and discarded paper products. It does go through a fair bit of processing but compared to those that require trees to be cut, recycled ones are more earth friendly. 

You can also opt for recyclable food packaging, the kind that can be used and repurposed instead of being tossed into the bin. Examples are reusable tote bags made from hemp or other organic fibers. 

3. Tie it with twine

Instead of using plastic products to tie up the bags or the boxes where you put your food in, use twine instead. 

Most twines on the market today are made from eco-friendly materials. Compared to plastic tapes and other forms of synthetic materials, using twine will have a less significant impact on the environment. Plus, they can be reused by your customers to tie other stuff. 

When disposed of, twines can decompose easily making them a more earth-conscious product and a better solution for those looking for eco-friendly food packaging items. 

4. Try compostable products

If the food items you sell are more on the delicate side, you may want to use compostable products for packing food. Compostable food packing items are known to be more durable but are still eco friendly. They can be used for holding soupy or saucy foods like pasta and even clam chowder. And when they are disposed of correctly, they will decompose faster than their plastic counterparts. 

Compostable food products are a great alternative to Styrofoam packaging for food. They last as long and can keep the food you sell in good condition without affecting its overall quality. That said, they’re often the choice of food business owners for take outs. 

5. Encourage BYO

Some businesses have been encouraging their customers to bring their own packaging as a means of promoting environmentally friendly food packaging. In the case of those who are in the beverage business, companies offer drinks at a lower cost for customers who will come with their own mugs, cups, and tumblers. You can too and promote a culture of using reusable products instead of disposable ones. 

By encouraging your patrons to bring their own packaging, you can contribute to the overall reduction of using disposable food packaging. It’s true that not all food products can fit in this category. But those who can, will make a huge difference — environmentally. 


Using eco friendly food packaging has a lot of advantages. Not only does it reduce your operational costs but it also fosters a better future for your customers and for your business. 

Environmentally friendly food packaging does not have to be expensive and does not have to be immediately implemented at a large scale. You can start by doing small things that can collectively make a big difference.