How To Make Your Home Child Friendly

Toddlers and babies are a leading source of happiness and joy in a household. However, they are susceptible to accidents inside the house. Kids are at a phase where they can walk around and explore. But they aren’t aware of the dangers around them. That’s why it is the accountability of the parents to ensure that the homes kids live in are safe and child friendly. Here are the things you can do to make your home safe for your little ones.


The stairs are the first ones you must inspect. The danger of being not careful when utilizing stairs needs no justification. Even adults easily get harmed when they go up and down the stairs recklessly, and the injuries from accidents related to stairs are serious. To make your stairs safe for the kids, add a slip-proof matting on each step; you can also add a soft rubber mat on the precise spot where the stairs end on the base to lessen injury. It is also helpful to teach kids about stair safety, and putting a non-slip grip on the handles of the stairs can also help kids stay safe. 

Covers and Locks 

Locks are considered one of the most important safety measures that every parent must always be considered. Many features inside your home are best licked when little ones are around, from high cabinets to toilets and windows. When it comes to locks, it is highly advisable to hire a professional locksmith from They have professional locksmiths that know what the best locks to install are. Additionally, outlets must be covered with plugs always because they’re one of the most accessible hazards inside the house to little ones. 

Mount Gadgets on the Walls 

Electrical stuff like TV can be a major source of fun for your little ones; however, this can also pose a hazard to them when you do not install it in the right place. A helpful option will be to install the appliance high up on the wall out of reach by your kids. It is best to get an expert to do the job to ensure that it is set up safely and properly. 

This will prevent your little ones from getting hurt at the same time and will also save you a considerable amount of money you would have otherwise given out when they had harmed the appliance by grabbing it down and accidentally smashing it in their enthusiasm. 

It is also advisable to put protective barriers around the cord or wire of the appliance and that of the other gadgets you are using. Therefore, your little one can’t reach them easily. It would be helpful if you hid extension wires so they are out of your children’s reach and view. 

You can also store your gadgets like hairdryer, music player, and other electronic stuff inside the shelves; this is indeed the best way to keep your kids safe and secure. 

Electrical outlets

Electricity is vital for our modern world; however, they aren’t supposed to come into contact with human skin as it can use various injuries or even death. Most adults know well than to poke their bare hands inside the outlet, but not kids. One common cause of child accidents inside the house is electrocution. Therefore, ensure the electric outlets are safe if you have little ones. 

Setting up power outlet cover assists in keeping your little ones safe, particularly if the outlet isn’t being used. Covering the outlets with furniture, so it is hard to reach your kids is good. It is also best to transfer outlets to areas beyond the reach of kids. 


The risk in the bathroom is slipping. Old and young people can fall victim to the lack of friction due to the soapy wet tiles. However, sometimes there’s no way around it. Tiles will get wet and slippery. So, the best thing to do is to use anti-slip rubber or plastic mats on the floor. If you have a budget, you can change the tiles with anti-slip tiles and add a soft cushion on the edges of the sink and a rubber cushion on the toilet seat; this helps keep injuries at bay. 


This is the place where you prepare food for the whole family. However, it is not the place for little ones to be alone by themselves. Sad to say, sometimes they come to this area and play with no matter what they can find there, such as forks, knives, and other sharp objects. You need to ensure the over has a safety feature so they can’t open it and go inside. You also need to secure knives in high places so kids can’t reach them. 


By childproofing your home, rest assured that your little ones can take pleasure in growing up without getting hurt, which can put their lives at risk.