How to Make Your Next Interior Paint Job Look Professional

Painting your house, whether it’s the exterior or the interior, is always an exciting process. The right paint job can completely reinvigorate that old space you’ve grown bored of. It can also make you feel almost as if you’ve just bought a whole new house. 

However, a bad paint job can leave you with little more than remorse and the feeling that you’ve wasted a bunch of money. 

Today, we’re going to focus on how you can get professional-looking results with the interior of your home when DIY painting. Let’s get into it. 

1: Tape the Lines

Painting straight lines is not easy, and nothing ruins an otherwise perfect paint job worse than cockeyed edges. Luckily, this is easy to avoid. 

Make sure you buy plenty of easy-peel painter’s tape before you start, and tape off the edges with perfect straight lines. This will allow you a bit of room to get sloppy without messing up your edges and making the walls look like a toddler painted them. 

2: Airbrush

Getting a perfectly even coat without using way more paint than necessary is difficult with a brush or roller unless you are experienced. This can lead to your walls looking slightly off and it can drive up your project costs.

It’s worthwhile to invest in a decent airbrush designed to work with the type of paint you’re using. The airbrush will use the least paint possible and provide a uniform coat. Plus, it will make the job as easy as waving a handheld device around. 

However, you do need to practice a bit and learn how your airbrush works. If you don’t use it properly, it can sputter and fling blotches of paint that mess up the project and waste your time with corrections. 

3: Plan, Plan, Plan

Do not simply buy a few colors and get to work. Spend sufficient time, maybe even a good week or two going through the rooms you want to paint.

Think about which colors you want, identify areas that might cause problems and think how you’ll tackle them. Plan out how much work you’re going to do each day and figure out all the little pieces of equipment you might need. 

This preparation step will keep you from having to run to the hardware store every five minutes. It will also keep you aware of any areas that might require extra attention and will generally make sure you’re doing the job as efficiently as possible. 

4: Consult a Professional

The professionals are called pros for a reason. They have spent years mastering their skill. 

Don’t worry, if committing to a professional painting team isn’t in your budget right now, you can always consult with one and see what your options might be. You might even be able to get some free tips from their online blogs and various other resources where they spread their in-depth knowledge. 

5: Take Your Time

Finally, a lot of professional teams can get the job done in a day or two. However, the key word there is that they’re a team. They have multiple highly skilled professionals tackling the project at once with the best equipment. 

If you want to get the best DIY results possible, you need to take your time. Set aside a good week or two in your schedule, focus on one or two areas per day, and really give each wall the attention it deserves to ensure the project looks great when you’re done. 

If you take your time, buy the right paint, and implement these tips, you can get some great results on your own.