How to Organize Your Wedding When You Have Children

In the mind of a kid, weddings are loads of fun – a day filled with partying in pretty girls dresses, lots of sweets, hanging out with their favourite relatives and general mischief to look up to. But in reality, they often find wedding events dull and lengthy, and the dinner receptions somewhat boring.

If you’ve elected to have kids at your wedding, you have to make sure that you have considered how you’ll manage and entertain them. This post will discuss the three best ways you can organize your wedding when you have children, so every guest can have the best time.

Plan the Flow of Your Day

Before you start the ceremony, you want to make sure that you’ve carefully thought about how the wedding day will flow. This includes things like how much involved would you like your kids to be and the kind of day you want for them. You should consider the age of the kids and their expectations, as well as their parent’s opinions before you make a firm decision.

Do you want to have them at the reception, at the ceremony or both? Here, it’s essential to think this all through and carefully plan the details, so that the day is fun and stress-free for everyone, including kids and other guests.

Ensure the Kids are Dressed Comfortably and for the Occasion

If you’re intending to include kids in the wedding proceedings as flower girls, page boys, ring bearers or junior bridesmaids, you should ensure that the girls dresses and other outfits they’re wearing are smart, age-appropriate and comfortable – they will look happier and better. Ensure they have a jacket or cardi so they don’t get too cold or too hot.

Assign Important Tasks to the Little Ones

There are myriads of tasks, both small and big, that you can assign kids in your wedding ceremony even if they’re not a part of the bridal team. Kids often love being given a significant task and will be thrilled to be involved. When doing so, ensure that the task you’re giving them is age-appropriate. Here are some of the tasks you can assign children at your wedding:

  • First, you can assign children bible readings to do or assign them the role of bringing gifts to the altar (if it’s a church wedding)
  • You can assign older and more outgoing kids time to sing special songs at your ceremony
  • Although the role of issuing wedding programmes to wedding guests usually belongs to ushers and groomsmen, smaller kids can be assigned this role of being special helpers
  • Also, you can include your kids or those of your partner in lighting the unity candle or the sand ceremony
  • To make them feel special, you can request the priest or officiant to mention the name of those children

Final Thoughts

Children often contribute to the lovely atmosphere at a wedding; and therefore, you want to make sure that they have a wonderful time at the ceremony. Use the tips mentioned above and your day will be fruitful. If you’re worried about managing the atmosphere or the enjoyment of the guests, then you can consider hiring the services of wedding nannies.