How to Save Money While You’re in Your Home Office

While the easing of lockdown has already begun, for many workers across the country, desk set-ups at the dining room table are very much still the norm. And, while the PM has expressed hope for a ‘more significant return to normality’ by Christmas, that’s still a few months away.

And, while we all sit at home with our laptops in the summer, things may look fine, but, when winter rolls around, things could become a little costlier. From having to have the light on more often to having to heat the home and cooking heartier meals, the cost of being home all-day long could rise quite a bit come those colder months.

Therefore, we’ve listed several ways you can work on your home to save money when it comes to the colder working months and beyond.

Your boiler

The biggest expense you could experience in those winter months is having the heating turned on more than you normally would. So, the best option would be to buy yourself a new boiler if your old one is looking a little worse for wear. However, this may not be an option for everyone due to the cost, but, getting your boiler serviced would be a good way to know when you may need a new one and find out if everything’s running well before the cold begins to descend.


Again, when the weather gets colder, the nights get shorter. With this will come the need to put the lights on earlier and earlier, and with that comes additional costs. But, what you can do, which won’t just save you money over the winter, but throughout the rest of the year, is to invest in energy-efficient bulbs. With a much longer lifespan than the usual bulbs you’d purchase, these may cost slightly more but will be worth the investment once the electric bill comes through.

Smart plugs

In the modern world, everything is getting smarter, which is why you should start to bring some smart tech into your home. These offer more versatile options for smaller appliances and mean you can switch off items such as the kettle when you’re not using it. Because let’s be honest, the kettle switch is always on, isn’t it? While you may not see significant savings overnight with these, in the long run, the ability to switch items on and off from your phone, wherever you are, will help to keep your costs down throughout the year.

So, with lockdown looking to go on longer and longer for home workers, it’s time to think ahead and save those pennies for the winter months with these helpful suggestions.