How to Select the Best Collar for a Small Dog

Have you wondered why small dogs bark such a lot? Sometimes a small dog’s bark can sound even louder than that of a big dog.

Among the things to consider when you hear a small dog barking is their behavior.

They may be asserting their leadership. There is a tendency among many small dog owners to treat their puppies like babies. It’s by no means the best practice as they get to believe they are the pack leaders.

When they get into this mindset small dogs can feel like they rule the home. This leads them to bark as loud as they can to get attention. Small dogs can also get it in their little heads that need to be responsible for the protection of their homes. This is why so many of them will bark when someone comes close.

It may, of course, be that they are bored. The last thing any dog likes is the feeling of being left out. You will probably find that keeping a dog active will help reduce both the intensity and the loudness of their bark.

The small dogs who tend to bark throughout the day are probably doing so to call for attention. They may be feeling lonely, which causes them to feel stress. This, in turn, could also cause them to become destructive and even aggressive. If you are concerned about this it is always a good idea when going away for a period to leave your dog with plenty of toys so they can keep entertained.

Every dog needs some training. It is not the case that because a dog is small, it doesn’t require training. By being easier to scoop up, and move around won’t help them stop barking when you want.

Many small dogs bark uncontrollably when they see other people or dogs. They do this to let others know that someone or thing is outside.

It’s advisable if this is what happened with your dog fo you to walk towards the aperture at which your dog is barking and take a look outside. You can then inform your dog that there is no need to bark and to stop.

It should help the dog see that you are unafraid, so there is no reason for any canine fear either. It is always good to give the dog a reward when they stop barking.

Like all dogs, small ones need to spend quality time with their people as well as with other dogs. They may be small, but that doesn’t mean they are happy to be by themselves much of the time. By socializing with others they will have reason to bark less because they are bound to feel less scared. The more engagement they have with other dogs and people, the happier and more comfortable they are likely to feel around others.

The way to train a dog to reduce barking is with positive reinforcement by praising them when they stop barking.

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