How to Store Your Coffee Beans?

Even those who do not like to drink coffee enjoy their aroma. But drink lovers love to taste the remarkable taste of grains from different backgrounds. And, for aroma and flavor to be preserved to the maximum, special care must be taken when storing coffee beans and the best coffee storage container should be used.

Forget the refrigerator and also the plastic pot full of coffee exposed on the kitchen shelf! In this post, we will teach you the best way to store coffee beans and also ground, guaranteeing you always the best drink. Of course you want to know that, do not you? So have a great read!

Is it better to buy coffee beans or ground coffee?

The care with the aroma and the flavor of the drink already begins in the purchase. What’s best to bring home: coffee beans or ground coffee? What’s better for you! We will see later that the two versions basically need the same care to conserve their properties, with few differences.

If you can’t grind the coffee at home, you’ll have to get it ground. In this case, buy only enough to consume in a maximum of one month, because, although it is stored following the best recommendations, because it is ground, it has more surface in contact with the air, oxidizing more easily. If you can’t grind it yourself you may be interested in purchasing a coffee maker that also grinds the beans before pouring your cup, click here to view the top models if you’re interested in trying out a new machine.

Coffee beans will conserve their properties better, but it is still important not to buy them in large quantities. To use it, also try to grind small portions.

Get to know the best way to store coffee beans

Store your coffee beans preferably in a tightly sealed glass container in a dry place away from light. The sun’s rays also cause the coffee to lose its flavor. If you do not have the glass pot, you can also use a can that has a good seal, or even keep the grains or powder in the original packaging, provided that it guarantees the same storage conditions.

What to avoid when storing coffee?

Never store your grains in the refrigerator, let alone in the freezer. The cold changes the properties of the drink, compromising its aroma and its flavor. In addition, the coffee can absorb the odors of the refrigerator and have its aroma altered. So, also avoid keeping your grains close to very aromatic products.

Finally, it is important to note that the use of transparent containers is not recommended if it is not stored away from the light, inside a cabinet, for example. It’s also not worth taking advantage of the good price of your favorite coffee to make a stock of it, because it will not be so tasty in a few months.

Who really likes this drink understands well the importance of maintaining the integrity of its flavor and aroma, does not it? And, as we have seen, it has no mystery whatsoever to store coffee beans. So get ready to organize the kitchen well and ensure the perfect place to store your coffee.

Now that you know how coffee beans should be stored, know more about this wonderful beverage by reading an article about its roasting process.