How to Style your Kitchen with Oak Kitchen Cabinets

If you like interiors that look rustic or transitional, then oak kitchen cabinets are for you. As a popular choice for 1990s homeowners, oak cabinetries are now at the helm of the intersection of the past and modernity. 

In this article, we usher you into our best well-kept kitchen secrets. Read on to find out why oak cabinets are perfect for your pantry. 

Are Oak Kitchen Cabinets Trending?

The dark yellow stain, the typical aspect of indigenous oak furniture of the 90s, has an outdated appearance that most often discourages homeowners from choosing oak cabinetries. Nonetheless, although they are a 90s fashion, furniture made of oak is trending in modern interior design. Below are the main reasons why oak cabinetries are currently in fashion. 

Oak Cabinets are Easy to Accessorize

The neutral natural wood finish of oak-based furniture can act as a perfect neutral in terms of color blending. Whether you beautify your oak cabinetries with fixtures or implements made of shiny luxurious metallic materials or pair them with natural plants and vintage kitchenware, the outlook of your pantry will be eye-catchy. 

Because modern designs incorporate multiple aspects in terms of aspects like theme and color, natural materials have become attractive to the contemporary interior because they offer opportunities for incorporating different aspects in designs. When enhancing the looks of your oak kitchen cabinets, you need to be sure about your preferred kitchen design. 

If you are a fan of modern kitchen designs, you can go for contemporary accessories like glass, stainless steel, gold, or copper materials. For kitchens that balance the past and the present, a mixture of vintage and modern ornaments is recommended. 

Oak Cabinets Look Stylish

It is impossible to find vintage designs missing from the list of trending modern furniture designs, especially cabinetries. While modern fashion is highly attractive, there is a sophisticated appearance that comes from vintage designs. Oak kitchen cabinets are not just easy to accessorize but they often tend to look splendidly beautiful as well, especially when paired with the right materials. 

Modern oak cabinets are adorned with fancy looks courtesy of mixed wood tones, incorporated shades, and luxurious hardware, including, glass doors, under-cabinet lighting, and stainless steel or gold handles and knobs. 

Oak Kitchen Cabinets are Versatile

Because they date way back to the 90s, oak cabinetries have countless varieties. Their decades-long stint in kitchen interior design has seen them multiply in terms of variety. Besides, their contemporary and modern variants, oak cabinets come in varieties, in terms of colors, finishing, style, and shape. 

Depending on what you want the interior of your pantry to look like; you can go for oak drawers with the conventional warm shade of oak and simple fixtures or go for two-toned oak cupboards with sleek hardware. 

Tips on How to Style-up a Kitchen with Oak Cabinets

As already mentioned, oak cabinets are generally perfect for kitchens with transitional or vintage-looking interiors. This, however, doesn’t mean that these drawers are inapplicable in a contemporary pantry. 

The following are tips you can apply to enhance the outlook of your kitchen’s interior with oak cabinetries. 

Create Color Contrast

Although the dark-looking oak stain is bold, it can overpower other aspects of the kitchen and make your pantry dark, especially when oak drawers cover a greater part of the cooking hall. If you create a focal point by, for example, incorporating marching colors on the backsplashes, walls, or floor, the visual outlook of your pantry will improve. 

Repair or Repaint the Cabinetry

If the interior of your kitchen looks unappealing because of your fading oak drawers, then cabinet repainting is one pocket-friendly option that will let you kill two birds with just one stone. You will not only be able to make your kitchen cabinets look cool again but also revive the outlook and functionality in your pantry. 

According to interior design experts, you are more likely to spend half the total amount purchasing new cabinetry if you opt for cabinet repainting. Hence, if you are in search of a quick kitchen makeover procedure that will not cost you more than you can afford, then you should consider repainting your drawers. 

Try Open Shelves

If you are unsure about the popularity of open-shelved cabinet designs, you need to know that they are here to stay. Other than repainting your oak kitchen cabinets, you can give them a simple and plain look by making them open-shelved, a straightforward

Open shelves not only look amazing in different kitchen designs but they are also the best when it comes to making a pantry more functional. With them, you can easily display pieces of art and various kitchen décor. 

How Can I Convert Closed Oak Cabinets to Open Shelves?

The good news is that incorporating open shelves on closed drawers is as easy and fun as watching your favorite TV show. You only need to unscrew the clips or screws that hold the cabinet doors before getting rid of the stiles and repair holes with a fast-drying putty. To give your cabinetry an outstanding outlook, you can fasten trim to the edges of the opened shelves with finishing nails before applying fresh paint. 

Refurbish the Cabinet Hardware

With outdated hardware, oak cabinets can look old and unfashionable, just like any other cabinet design. Installation of brand-new modern fixtures like knobs handles, and decorative markers can transform the outlook of not just your pantry but your oak cupboards. As we have already observed, oak cabinets are among the easiest to accessorize. 

Whether you have a taste for modern luxurious materials or you prefer simplicity in terms of kitchen décor, you have lots of options when it comes to refurbishing the hardware on your oak cupboards. Besides refurbishing the cabinet hardware, you can recreate the outlook of your oak-based cabinetry by refurbishing the pantry hardware. 

Oak kitchen cabinets can look amazing when incorporated with white countertops and mate black sinks. Mixing kitchen materials with metallic surfaces adorned with different shiny finishes can also do more good in enhancing the outlook of your oak cupboards as well as your pantry. 

How Can I Tell My Kitchen Cabinetry is Oak?

You can easily identify furniture made of oak. Because oak is a natural hardwood, it comes with a visible grain pattern that is unbelievably as unique as your fingerprints. Considering the lacquer of genuine hardwood, you can easily identify oak kitchen cabinets by just scrutinizing their shades. These drawers typically come in light to medium-brown shades with a casting of a reddish pigment.