How to Turn Your Weekend at Home into a Boutique Hotel Experience

The new year may have just started but sure enough some people are already in need of a vacation getaway. Since current times call for a halt with leisure travel, the perfect solution is to create your very own boutique hotel experience at home. Afterall, there is no place like home! 

For anyone wondering how exactly to create a boutique hotel at home, the following staycation inspired ideas will help you to turn any homebound weekend into travel worthy experience.  

Lounge in Comfort

To truly embrace a boutique hotel experience, comfort is key from the very beginning all the way to the end of the weekend. Start your relaxing staycation first thing in the morning by sliding into your most comfortable pair of slippers and dressing in your plushiest robe. Nothing screams boutique chic like lounging in comfort all day long. 

Disconnect for the Weekend

Since this peaceful weekend getaway at home should be all about you, try turning off your cellphone or even avoiding technology all together. There are no emails or social media scrolling that can’t wait until Monday morning. This is your vacation after all! 

Instead of staring at a screen to start the day, cozy up in a comfy spot with a hot mug of coffee or tea to read a book. This weekend “away” is the perfect chance to disconnect from all consuming technology and give yourself a much deserved 48-hour break from the world. If you absolutely need to know the daily news, this is a great opportunity to read the newspaper like the good old days.

Fill a Jug with Infused Water

For the most part, any boutique hotel is sure to have a jug of infused water in the lobby and strategically placed in different locations around the resort, so no guests thirst goes unquenched. Stay hydrated in boutique inspired style during your staycation by filling a jug with deliciously infused water to drink and refill all weekend long.  

There are plenty of easy to make infused water recipes to try, such as:

  • Strawberry, basil and lemon water
  • Honeydew, cucumber and mint water

Make Your Own Minibar

The best part about a minibar at home is filling it with everything you love and not having to worry about paying those crazy boutique hotel prices. There’s no need for a mini fridge either, simply fill mason jars or any preferred container with your favorite treats to display on a whatever surface you want to designate as your minibar location for the weekend. 

Enjoy a Crafty DIY Afternoon

A true boutique hotel will offer a special cultural or art inspired experience. Create your own budget friendly boutique experience with an afternoon of relaxing DIY crafts. Try to choose a calming activity like knitting. Explore stress reducing knitting projects and find versatile materials like Caron yarn online to help you creatively embrace your boutique staycation experience. 

Now the only question is, what weekend will you choose for your boutique hotel experience at home?