Include These 6 Food Items to Have a Healthy Immune System

Human beings, right now, are neck deep in schedule and their hunger for technological and socio-economic developments. People tend to prefer food that is made fast and doesn’t require any thought or time to get consumed. This has been a significant cause for health and immunity taking a backseat than anything else.

It is not necessary that healthy food needs more time for preparation. There are certainly some items that can be imbibed in the fantastic to ensure a stronger immunity. And you also switch to healthier and customized food options while eating out. One option that is sure to come handy while you’re hunting for a place to eat out and eat healthy at the same time is


There are barely any vegetables which can be as exciting and versatile at the same time. Broccoli is a storehouse of essential micronutrients such as vitamins A, C, and E. This item is composed of a huge part of healthy fibers and antioxidants that can successfully charge your bowel system and brighten your skin.

Broccoli can easily blend in a wide range of dishes and enrich the flavors of your meal. Whether it is a salad or sauteed broccoli in a bowl of chicken stew, it can always do wonders.


Goes without saying how good a steaming cup of chicken stew feels when you’re down with a blocked nose and sore throat. And why just soup, you can add shredded poultry to whatever dish you feel like and it sure will enhance the taste. Experimenting with this item is easy and fun, and you will rarely come across a non-vegetarian who does not enjoy poultry.

Turkey is a vital source of vitamin B6 which can be very helpful during common cold and fever. Moreover, these items are also rich in essential nutrients like gelatin and chondroitin which work wonders for bone health.


Ginger is a popular spice that is most commonly used in most of the countryside cooking. You must have come across a ginger soup serving at least once when you’ve had fallen prey to any throat uncomfortability. Ginger can help you calm down inflammatory symptoms and nausea.

This spice can be used in both raw and dried form in cooking and as dressings in a salad. The list of merits does not end there; it is also known to lower the levels of unhealthy cholesterol and improving heart health.


This green leafy vegetable has been in the top charts for mothers all over the place since forever. Spinach is rich in fiber, making it excellent for gut health. It is also a vital and reliable source of vitamin C which works as a boon for the skin. The iron content, plenty of oxalic acids, beta carotene and other antioxidants make it an irreplaceable vegetable in the menu.

Overcooking or cooking spinach in too much oil and other spices can bring the nutrient quotient massively. It is, for this reason, suggested that is prepared as lightly as possible or taken raw in the form of salads.


With summers taking over the weather, yogurt becomes an essential source of freshness in your daily routine. One can probably never have enough of the goodness that this food item is loaded with. There’s no doubt that you’d have come across advertisements emphasizing the importance of including yogurt in regular diet.

However, you might not want to consume the extra sugar and unnecessary flavors that most packaged yogurts come with. Instead, you can go for the unflavored ones, preferably Greek yogurt which is impressive for boosting gut health.