Information On The Best Antlers For Dogs

If you have a dog that is a chronic chewer, you know anything chewable that is lying around your house is not safe. And it is for this reason that quality antlers are recommended for such pets. As a pet owner, it is wise to choose the right antler that will not ruin on the first chew from your dog. This article will highlight some of the best antlers for dogs.

Just like any other product on the market, a pet owner, if not keen enough, may buy counterfeit products that will not serve its purpose over time. There are certain features the product should possess so that it can uphold the quality standards of the consumers. For instance, the product should be a source of minerals as well as vitamins for your pet.

It should also uphold all-natural and even safety standards. Some of the antlers a pet owner should look out for include heartland antler Grade-A Premium-elk. The product will offer high moisture retention and provide various nutrients like calcium, glucosamine, phosphorus, among others. The product weighs between half to 1/3 pounds, ensuring that your pet has enough chew time.

The next product is the whitetail natural-l3-pack. This is a deer antler that comes in three pieces that are five to six-inch in length. They are ideal for small to medium-sized pets. Others include the large-moose paddle antler-dog chew. You also have to keep in mind that such products may damage the tooth of your pets. And therefore, one has to monitor their dogs while they chew on such products.

On the downside, the heartland antler is on the high-end when it comes to costs. It also is a bit bigger for smaller dogs. The next antler to look out for is the Elkhorn Premium-elk Antler-dog Chew. The unique thing about this product is that the device is acquired from the wild. They are suitable for mid-large sized pets as they weigh almost 90 pounds.

The products are sanded down, ensuring that the pet can safely chew the treat. The sizes will vary since they are acquired from the wild. The products are also a little bit softer when compared to other antlers. The next product is the Elk Antler for dogs. Just like the Elkhorn, the product provides direct access to tasty marrow that the dog usually craves for. It has a grade-A rating that ensures your dog chews on an all-natural, high-quality as well as sustainable treat.

The next product is the heartland grade-A deer antlers. The deer bone is long-lasting and provides a lot of nutrients when compared to plastic ones. They are deer shed meaning that it is fresher with a dense of nutrients. They are also able to stay long in the sun, making them dry, cracked, and chalky.

Big dog antlers chew another grade-A deer product that is perfect for medium to large-sized dogs. It is massive, as the name suggests, as it has a length of nine to thirteen inches. It is usually cut and also sanded so that it can eradicate sharp edges from it.