Inspiration For The Best Food Packaging

Whether you sell traditional confectionery at local markets, run a family owned brewery or own a neighbourhood favourite takeaway, every brand has their own image and audience. In such a saturated market, doing your bit to stand out from the rest is essential to get your name out there and grow your business. With your food packaging being the first thing a passer-by will see, make first impressions count by grabbing attention and portraying your product in the best possible way. To help you get some ideas for your latest packaging range, we’ve pulled together some timeless designs that can be adapted to suit the nature of your brand.

Back to basics

You can’t go wrong with a timeless classic, utilising neutral shades which will never go out of style. Many brands love the simplicity of kraft cardboard within their food packaging, using recycled materials which create a neutral appearance. Neutral shades are particularly easy to work with, complementing many brand aesthetics and allowing you to create a consistent range with ease. As well as looking great as a range, you may find that different consumer groups can keep the packaging out on on display within their kitchen or home.

Special touches

If your product is a more high-end offering, the addition of luxury packaging can go a long way, perceiving your brand in a more special way. Depending on the nature of your packaging type, consider what you can do to add luxury finishes that will help you stand out. For simplistic packaging, we love metallic hot foiling for the brand name or logo as well as varnishes which create a matte or glossy finish.

Get a sneak peak

All of us have been there in the past, walking past a shop front or supermarket aisle with no purchase intent, yet find ourselves drawn in by delicious looking food that we simply can’t say no to! Transparent packaging is perfect for those looking to show off their tasty goods, showing passers-by the colourful contents or hand finished decorations. Whether you opt for completely see-through packaging or just a window on the top, consider whether your audience could be swayed if they get a glance of the contents.

Consider the earth

Now more than ever, many of us are becoming more aware of our environmental impact and are moving towards more eco-friendly businesses. Switching to recyclable, compostable or biodegradable packaging is not only great for the environment, but will resonate with the more conscious consumer, opening up a new level of brand personality which tends to be well perceived by the majority of consumers.

Stay connected

We’re all coming across hundreds, if not thousands, of brand communications a day, so what makes you stand out? Once you gain a customer, make sure they stick around by opening up that door of communication. Whether your packaging consists of a box, bag or pouch, try to incorporate your social media handles alongside your key messaging so people can find you online and stay involved.