Kitchen Trends to Embrace in 2020

Every year new trends take the interior world by storm and specific features can be found making their way into homes everywhere. This year sees the addition of smart hubs, making life in the kitchen much easier and more efficient, waterfall countertops creating a whole new dynamic and so much more. Whether you’re looking for interior inspiration or simply keen to know what’s popular in the world of kitchen design, continue reading for some key trends to look out for.

Bold Hardware

Whilst this particular trend is always popular, having bold and stylish hardware in the kitchen is a must this year. There are so many stunning designs available, in a range of different finishes which you can find at online from retailers such as GJohns that will bring a chic touch to your home and help to enhance the overall décor. From kitchen cabinet handles and pulls, to lighting fixtures, you can introduce hardware in a variety of different areas to create a lovely aesthetic within the home.

Waterfall Counters

This particular trend is one that will add a great aesthetic to your kitchen. Waterfall countertops are designed to stagger the main island feature, changing the kitchens dynamic and creating a bold statement feature that’s unique and stylish. This style of counter is ideal for giving you more space, breaking up the surface area into a breakfast bar style space, with a lower surface for food prep and cooking. You can then enhance this space more with some stylish bar stools, a bold faucet and more.

Smart Devices

From Alexa to Google Home, smart home devices are a huge hit with households all over the world. With new features being released almost monthly, you can now do so much with your smart home hubs you won’t know how you coped beforehand. Smart devices are ideal in the kitchen, helping with recipe ideas, setting timers and even playing your favourite music whilst you cook, so it’s no surprise they’re a huge trend in 2020. Take a look at the different smart home devices, from Amazon and Google, to find out which is the best type for your kitchen and the rest of your home.

Wooden Flooring

A huge trend for 2020 is the addition of wooden flooring. Having wooden flooring can really help to create a warm and welcoming feel within the kitchen, adding a homely feel to the space. You’ll also find that wooden flooring is easy to clean and keep neat, which is exactly what you need when in the kitchen. Many people find that lighter wooden flooring works well in the kitchen, complementing units well and adding a light feel to the room and with so many different wooden flooring styles available, you can find the right match for your home and bring your whole kitchen to life.