Knowing Your Scaffoldings and Its Various Uses

If you are in the construction and architecture industries, you might be familiar with the various types of scaffolding and its specific uses. If not, you must know that as an employer or contractor, you must provide your employees with the right and safe scaffolding appropriate for the kind of job they are completing.

Whether you are searching for a seller or a company that offers Scaffolding hire services, you have to apprise yourself of the different types of scaffolding and its specific uses. Through this, you can create a safer working environment for your workers. Plus, you also keep yourself away from significant losses that might result from a scaffolding-related injury.

Scaffolding in Construction

By definition, scaffolding is a kind of impermanent structure that serves as a platform people can use to perform construction works. In the process of providing these people access to higher areas, the very same scaffolding also provides support to the original structure. This structure, however, changes depending on the job requirement and type of construction work. Then again, despite these variables, one thing should always be sure — the scaffolding should be made from premium-quality materials. Otherwise, it cannot provide support to both the construction workers and materials used for their work.

For better performance, metal, steel, or wood is usually used to make the scaffolding. Here are some of the common scaffolding types used in various kinds of construction work.

Trestle scaffolding

As its name suggests, trestle scaffolding is usually supported on a tripod-type of a movable ladder. This type of scaffolding is generally reserved for minor indoor construction work like painting and repair. Since it is usually for residential spaces, the height limit of this scaffolding is at 5 meters.

Steel scaffolding

One of the most common types of scaffolding advertised by companies offering Scaffolding hire services is steel scaffolding. This type of platform is made with steel tubes set by couplers. One of its many features is the fact that it is easy to assemble and disintegrate. Using it makes you feel like you are ready to go anytime. This scaffolding type offers a plethora of benefits like being fire-resistant, more durable, and more reliable than other scaffolding. Then again, because of its advantages, this scaffolding type is also more expensive to buy, make, or rent compared to others. Many contractors and employers like this type of scaffolding because it can be safely used in more prominent structures and outdoor construction.

Patented scaffolding

One of the many scaffoldings made available by companies offering Scaffolding hire services is patented scaffolding. This is a ready-made scaffolding type that is fitted with frames and special couplings. When this is in use, its accompanying working platforms are set on sturdy brackets that can be adjusted to reach the level required by the specific scaffolding work.

Suspended scaffolding

If you are looking for a specific scaffolding that is used for different repair works and painting, then suspended scaffolding should be your top of mind. This platform is mainly adjustable to reach the desired scaffolding length.

This type of scaffolding is created with chains or ropes tied to the platform where the construction worker will climb and stay to complete the construction job. The entire structure will then be hanged from the roof. Should there be a need to move the platform lower or higher, this platform is 100% adjustable.

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