Mini Skip Bins Adelaide – 4 Top Reasons Why Hire A Mini Skip

In today’s world, waste production and disposal is a field where every country is excelling at. Major developed countries like Australia are coming at the topmost positions when it comes to Mini Skip Bins Adelaide or the in Aot Skip Bins Australia. It has been producing and disposing almost 10 million tons of waste every year since 1990. But the main question is where is this waste coming from?

Household waste or left overs

It is a little hard to believe but it is true that more than half (approximately 56%) of this country’s waste is household waste. Organic waste such as uneaten vegetables that go stale or left overs from different meals along with other daily use products  like paper, polythene etc. constitute most of this household waste.

Chemical waste from factories and different manufacturing units

In this field, over 350kg of  chemical waste is produced per year by every person in this country. And where does this waste come from? From shops, educational institutions, manufacturing units, offices, hospitals etc.

Demolition and building waste

Building materials like metals, timber, concrete etc. form a part of this source- comprising about 1/4th of the total solid waste generated.

Where Mini Skip Hire Services Comes In

Besides A-R-R (Avoid, Reuse, Recycle), hiring a skip is a contemporary way of effectively disposing of wastes. No matter what the occasion, be it pruning trees, a house clean up drive or a party, the most important thing in all of these is proper disposal of garbage. At that time, the need of the hour is hiring a skip service. Moreover, you can also get rid of it. the trash with a skip bag.

Pros of Hiring A Skip

The advantages of hiring a skip service is as follows:

Proper waste disposal

The activity of decluttering your home becomes way too easy with  a professional skip service. The biggest advantage of a mini skip is that it can be stored when not needed. Many councils have opened up waste disposal sites in order to hit the target of a clean and green city. This helps in the proper disposal of bulky wastes which you couldn’t fit is a regular sized bin.

Easily dispose of waste

Another benefit of the skip bin is the convenience which the user gets. You will find a wide variety of sizes when it comes to skips. Any professional skip service will surely guide you with the size that will suit you according to your needs.

Transportation not required

A very large heap of waste can be generated even by a small renovation work or a decoration. Just think of a pile of debris, scraped- off wallpaper and scrap timber. Hiring a skip at this point of time will save your car from becoming filthy. The work will become way too easy, skip bin said delivered to your doorstep, fill in all the waste, and the trash then being collected from your place.


If you are a city- dweller, then this doesn’t imply in any way that you have got rid of your responsibilities. If you wish to hire the services of a mini skip, just make sure that you have a talk with them. They will let ypu know what you are permitted and what not to throw in the bin.