New Ideas For Your Summer Garden Space

Trying to find new ideas to reinvigorate your garden space can be difficult. Especially if you’re looking for something to make your garden stand out from your neighbor’s patch. But adding a twist to some classic garden features may be all you need. If you’re looking for some new ideas for your summer garden space, then you could try these and call Riverside garden pro for ideas.

Create an eye-catching lawn

Lawns are typically square and a lush green. Mowed to a short length and sometimes striped to make them pleasingly uniform. But they don’t have to be at all. Try a new shape, such as a circle, oval or something completely asymmetrical! And if you don’t fancy hours of mowing the lawns over the summer, why not grow a more natural lawn with wildflowers? You could have your own mini nature meadow. The cost of turf for this type of lawn may be a little more expensive, but just think of the benefits you’ll get.

Make a bold and bright patio

Patios can look so boring. A concrete square that just doesn’t say summer garden space. So, why not make a bold and bright patio instead? You could tile it to introduce pattern and color. But you’ll need to make sure you use tiles suitable for the outdoors. Or you could paint it and add in color with some clever stenciling. Again, you’ll need some suitable paint for this. Once you’ve got your patio base sorted, simply add bright furniture and a few bold planters.

Add more unusual plants

If you fancy adding more plants to your garden but are bored of the usual selection, then it may be time to try something new. There are plenty of more unusual looking plants you could try, but you may need to look further than your local garden center. Find specialist nurseries that grow unusual native plants or exotic-looking flowers and shrubs. Or order some seeds and grow them yourself.

Turn a tree into a focal point

Turning a tree into a focal point for your garden is another great idea. You could build a seating area around the base for quiet moments in the shade. Or you could plant a fern and woodland flower bed underneath. Your tree will then make the ultimate centerpiece for your planting. You could use the branches to hang decorations from too. Just be sure to tie them on with loose string or ribbons so you don’t damage your tree. Or simply wind some fairy lights around the trunk!