PatchPets | The ​Best Dog Social Media​ App Ever

PatchPets is a dog social media app available to download for free on both IOS and Android devices. This app is designed for dog owners to connect their favourite furry friends with their local dog communities?. You can personalize your experience by creating an account for your dog. Then you interact and network with other pet owners within the app. PatchPets gives users a helping hand to easily locate dog parks and other dogs to play with. PatchPets creator Josh has a dog of his own and is extremely passionate about everything dog. The love he has for his furry friend?? Quincy is what inspired him to gather a full team of ??dog-loving tech geeks? and invest months of time and effort into making this supreme? doggy social app?. How to socialise your dog: this app is the perfect solution to all your unsociable doggy problems!

What is PatchPets?

PatchPets is a brilliant pet social network app. The aim of this amazing platform is to connect friendly dog owners with other people and their dogs. This results in the creation of a large and impressive social media pet network, where all users have a clear and genuine bond. You can discuss, treats, toys and doggy hygiene like worming and fleaing. Using sites like JugDog can also get you dog treatments. Most doggy owners make the decision to get a pet because they want some company. Although, what a large number of owners do not realize is that pet ownership can be extremely social. It allows you to arrange doggy play dates and meet lots of new friends. The social side of pet possession has massively inspired the creation of PatchPets. Build a fantastic and friendly online community and meet a wide range of different dog owners in your area.

Features in the app

There is a wide range of different features in the app, some of which include dog park maps, discovering which dogs are nearby and private messaging. You can search for nearby dog parks in your area and see who’s there at that very moment if they have the app. You can even join group chats and message any local friends. There is a section on the app which allows you to subscribe to a newsletter. Be the first person to know about any important news. It is a great app for dog owners to chat freely about their furry friends. On PatchPets, you can filter your favorite size and breeds of dogs that you like and what you would prefer to meet up with. On the app, there is a ‘news’ page where you can keep up to date with dog owners news. training your pet, how to get them to learn new and awesome tricks, and much more!

How to Download the app

This doggy app is available for download on both Android and IOS devices. It is super simple and easy to install and set up a custom profile for your wonderful pet takes a matter of minutes. If you wish to download the app on an IOS device, you can find it on the iTunes store, and if you are downloading it via Android devices, you can easily access it from the google play store.

How to Contact PatchPets

You can contact PatchPets via telephone or email. The email to contact is as follows: [email protected]

You can also check out their Instagram and Facebook page if you wish to find out more information. Happy socializing!