Payout Levels On Progressive Jackpot Slots

If you are a regular visitor to online casinos, then you probably will have noticed some huge jackpots building on certain slot games. The prizes can range from a few thousand to over a million pounds and this depends on when the last jackpot has been won – click to visit today.

If a jackpot hasn’t dropped for some considerable time, then the huge prize continually builds, as more and more players try their luck on the game. 

Progressive Jackpots Explained 

The continual building and progression of a jackpot is what gives it its name. Progressive jackpots continue to increase as a percentage of each player’s wagering contributes, to the ever-increasing prize on offer. This is what makes progressive jackpots such headline makers at casinos. The biggest ever slot wins in history have come from progressive jackpots and slots that have all been linked together to create one huge jackpot prize have also turned punters into millionaires.

Jackpot King 

Blueprint Gaming are the brains behind the jackpot king phenomena, and this is probably the most popular progressive jackpot format to be found across online casinos today. It not only creates three progressive jackpots, but it also breathes new life into the slots that are included in the jackpot king concept. To play the slots that are part of the jackpot king, all you need to do is to look for the famous jackpot king logo. When you spin jackpot king games, you need to land five jackpot king logos in the centre reels. 

If you manage this, your slot game will be halted, and you will be taken to a second screen and here you will play the jackpot king game. The aim is to get to the wheel and here you have large stake multipliers and the royal, regal and the jackpot king itself at your mercy. The spin of this wheel has actually made millionaires out of slot players. The size of the jackpot king is also highly dependent on the size of the casino brand you play at and the number of customers it attracts. 

Other Mechanics of Progressive Jackpots 

Some progressive jackpots are only activated if you play the max stake whilst others drop randomly during any base game spin. Some bonus games give you a shot at the jackpot and these games can be triggered randomly too. Mega Moolah holds the record for dropping the biggest progressive jackpot in online slot history and the progressive jackpot game can be triggered on any spin. 

Progressive Jackpot Checklist 

  •         Progressive jackpots continue to grow until they drop 
  •         Progressive jackpots can pay out millions of pounds 
  •         These jackpots can be won as part of a bonus round, or a randomly triggered feature

Are Progressive Jackpots Worth Chasing 

When playing progressive jackpot slots, you must remember that 1. Progressive jackpot slots have lower RTP scores than other slots. 2. Winning these jackpots can depend on a player’s staking levels and 3. Progressive jackpots can change your life. If you have the bankroll to try your luck, then winning these jackpots can be like winning the lottery.