Pencil Pleat Curtains: Let’s Hang Today

Curtains are not only a necessary but an integral part of interior designing too. With the perfect selection and right hanging style of the curtain, a numb place can be turned into a lively and vibrant place. The curtain comes in a number of styles from plain to pencil pleat and crushed ones. The question here is which is the most suitable style for your place? We are going to talk about pencil pleat curtains in this article. What are they? Where can they be fitted? How can we hang and handle them? And other accessories needed for them. These are the most commonly asked questions.
Let’s begin…

What are the pencil pleat curtains?

Don’t get confused between pencil pleat and pinch pleat curtains. In pinch pleated curtains the pleats are permanently sewn inside the curtains and are fixed, whereas in pencil pleat curtains these pleats are adjusted with the help of string sewn inside them. However, pinch pleat curtains create more fullness than the other ones. These curtains are named as pencil pleat because a streamline and pencil shape effect is visible when they are hung.

Pencil pleat curtains are also called the “TAPE TOP” curtains and these are the most famous and oldest types of curtains. There are three strings at a distance of about one inch from each other on the heading of the curtain. These strings help the curtain to be adjusted with different sizes of hooks and rings for hanging. These curtains can be either pulled together to create fullness or just spread out to make the prints more visible and create a bold look. You can use this type of curtains anywhere in your house, for doors, windows or as room-divider.

How to hang them?

Pencil pleat curtains are probably the toughest ones to hang as they need a lot of effort to be put. A layperson or a beginner may find it impossible to figure out the way to hang them and may need a professional or practiced person to do this. Here are a few tips that can help you to hang them on your own. Have a look at then & give it a try…

  1. First of all, measure the width of your rod/rail and so of your curtain. The curtain can be double the width of the rod/rail to create volume.
  2. Next, secure all the strings of the curtain from both sides. Tie all three strings together and hook it somewhere (on the door handle or window handle). Now pull all three strings together with one hand and push the curtain tape back with the other hand. Push the tape until you acquire the required width.
  3. Tie the strings together now, remember not the cut strings because you might need to spread or hang the curtain to a wider place next time. So, roll up the excessive string and put them in the side pockets which are always attached to the sides of the curtain.
  4. Spread the curtain and make all the pleats even with the help of your hand. And attach the hooks at equal distances (8-10cm) away.
  5. Now put the rings in the hooks. If you are using a rod to hang the curtain then these rings should be in the lowest pocket and for rails, these should be in the upper pocket of the curtain. But that’s not a hard and fast rule, everyone does it according to his/her personal taste.

There you go, it’s that simple to hang the pencil pleat curtain…

Tips and tricks to handle pencil pleat curtains

Here are a few tips to handle and make your curtains last longer:

  • Tie the strings carefully from both ends.
  • Use tape of excellent quality.
  • Avoid more exposure to sunlight.
  • Neither pulls down the string nor the curtain.
  • Use a gentle cycle, mild detergent and lukewarm water to clean the curtains.
  • Separate all the panels.
  • It is better to hide the hardware (i.e. window) from inside.
  • Use the curtains in pairs rather than hanging them as a single curtain. Because they are easy to handle (tie, untie, clean).
  • Do not frequently iron the curtain, iron the reverse side if necessary.

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