Personal Care is the Key to Healthy Body and Healthy Mind

Balancing time between our career and other responsibilities, we often tend to overlook personal care. If you think investing in personal care products is a waste of money, you are wrong. Caring for your own mental and physical well-being is essential for staying healthy and happy.

As our hair and body are exposed to pollution, sun’s harmful rays, stress and several other harmful elements, they deserve some pampering to remain healthy. Moreover, personal hygiene has immense health benefits. In times of crisis like the spread of a global pandemic, it becomes even more important for our survival.

Personal hygiene in the time of coronavirus outbreak:

Personal hygiene entails keeping head, body, and hands clean so keep germs at bay. Your hygiene does not just benefit your health but also has impacts on the lives of people around you. Since the novel coronavirus spreads through contact with the infected person, it is only through self care that we can remain safe.

How to maintain a good self-care routine to prevent coronavirus?

So, we have already learnt that following a daily routine for personal care is essential. Simple measures can help you take care of yourself and your family members in the current situation. If you are wondering what it involves, here are some simple steps to follow for keeping yourself clean and preventing spread of germs:

  • Do not touch your mouth, nose, and eyes frequently, especially when you are outside.
  • Wash hands with water and soap, apply sanitizer when washing is not possible. Washing for 20-30 seconds is a must before eating, after sneezing or blowing the nose, before cooking, and if you handle contact lenses. Both warm water and cold water are equally capable of killing viruses.
  • Bathing everyday is a must. If you go out and come in contact with people, get under the shower as soon as you return home and clean your body thoroughly with the help of soap and a mild shampoo.
  • Change into clean clothes when you are home and wash the ones you were wearing with detergents.

Other than staying clean, eating well, sleeping for long hours and lessening stress are also inseparable part of self care.

How important is it to use the right product for your hair, skin or makeup?

Whether it is during a pandemic or in any normal time, your body and hair deserve nothing but the best. Using chemical-based products from a drugstore can have adverse effects on your body.

Take care of your skin- We are all born with soft and smooth skin. But, as we age, the skin becomes dull and saggy because of contact with several toxic elements. Taking good care of your skin will slow down the damage.

What is best for your skin?

Soaps, body oils, body lotions and other products that we apply on our skin have direct effect on the skin. Several products available in the market contain harmful chemicals. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • It is better to use herbal and natural products for healing your skin.
  • There are several home ingredients such as aloe vera, and tomatoes that have excellent benefits.
  • Drinking plenty of water, maintaining a balanced diet and getting sufficient sleep at night ensure elasticity and glow of skin.

Make-up and hair care- Use mild herbal shampoo for your hair, oil your hair frequently, and keep it clean. When it comes to applying make-up, never go for cheap products only to save money. Read the list of ingredients carefully before purchasing make-up. is an excellent place to purchase self care products of best quality at cheapest prices. It is a reliable online drugstore to buy skin care, hair care products, and make-up for your whole family.