Plan Your Dream Wedding as From The Moment You Send Invitations

Your lover has declared their undying love for you by presenting you with a sparkling engagement ring. Congratulations on your engagement! Now that you’re firmly ensconced in the love bubble you will want to start making plans for your dream wedding.

There is so much to do and to organise for your special day. Knowing how to plan your dream wedding, from the moment that you send your personalised wedding invitations, will ensure that you enjoy a stress-free lead up to the most exciting and romantic day of your life.

Name The Date

The single most important thing about your wedding day has to be ‘the date’. When you choose the date of your nuptials you commit to planning everything else around this special day. The season of your wedding will influence and inspire your overall wedding theme and the colour theme that you choose to complement it.

You can agree, with your future spouse, to name a date that is symbolically important to you as a couple. Or pick a date that announces a new beginning for your relationship. Once you name the date you can fully kick-start the whole dream wedding planning process by sending your invitations.

Compose The VIP Guest List

Composing the wedding guest list is something that you can’t afford to leave to the last minute. You need to know how many people will be in attendance on your special day, so that you can make arrangements with the wedding venue and vendors. Although you don’t need to confirm the final number of guests until a month or so before your wedding, you do need to know who is on your VIP guest list.

Send The Invitations

The ideal time to send out wedding invitations is 6-8 months before your wedding day. You can alert all of your guests with a Save the Date card as soon as you’re engaged. However, until you send the personalised wedding invitations the invite to your wedding is not official.

Get Organised

If you want to be an organised bride you will need to do far more that pick out a bunch of images to pin on your wedding themed Pinterest board. Get online and check out Wedding Planning Checklists, wedding venues and potential wedding vendors. If you prefer, you can keep all of the information in a wedding planner binder.

Set A Realistic Wedding Budget

When money is involved in most situations it automatically brings stress into the equation. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to plan a dream wedding without having a budget. Before you get too far along in your wedding planning process it’s a good idea to sit down with your partner and to discuss a realistic budget.

Work out how much money you have available to spend on your dream wedding day, and then figure out the logistics of whether you can afford everything that you want to include. There’s nothing wrong with making a few money saving changes to your plans along the way.

Hire A Wedding Planner (Optional)

If your wedding budget is flexible you always have the option to hire a professional wedding planner. Paying someone else to take care of all of the organising will save you energy, time and stress. Your wedding planner will be focused on making your wedding day truly memorable and magical.

Book The Wedding Venue

All of the best and most popular wedding venues get scooped up super fast. Some venues are booked up two years in advance! If you have your heart set on a particular venue be prepared to reserve the date as soon as possible. Being flexible about your wedding date could help you secure the wedding venue of your dreams, if it’s already booked up on the date that you would like to get married.

Once you’ve booked the wedding venue you can take your dream wedding planning to the next level…

Handpick Your Bridal Party

Now that you’ve sorted out the foundation of your wedding planning, you can concentrate on the fun stuff. The people you handpick for your bridal party are the most important wedding guests, aside from your spouse and immediate family. On your dream wedding day you will obviously want to surround yourself with the supportive and trustworthy people you love the most in the world.

Shop For The Perfect Wedding Dress

Shopping for a fairytale wedding dress should be fun. Before you book appointments to view designer wedding dresses, it’s a good idea to have a few styles that you like in mind. Take your best friend and/or mother along to the appointment. Bear in mind that you will need to be professionally fitted, and that the dress may need to be altered before your wedding day.

Choose The Wedding Vendors

Wedding vendors that provide professional services like catering, the wedding cake, flowers, décor, photography/videography and personal styling need to be chosen, booked and coordinated by you. You can reduce the stress load by having a wedding planner take care of everything. If you’re in charge, check your budget frequently to ensure you don’t go over your limit.

Find vendors that fit your budget and your wedding style. Book the services as soon as you have your wedding venue confirmed, to avoid disappointment.

Create A Wedding Gift List

Registering a wedding gift list is a great, and convenient, way to let your guests know what you would most like and appreciate as a gift. Pick a few online stores and register for practical items that you need to start your new life together.

If you’re super organised you can let your guests know about the wedding gift list when you send out your personalised wedding invitations!