Quick Renovation Ideas to Keep You Entertained While on Quarantine

While the world is flattening the curve and staying in for more time with family, it only fits to keep minds off the daily stress brought about by news of the virus. So while you have all the time in the world, make sure you spend it wisely!

Taking on some little projects, like re-igniting some passions, or catching up on your favorite shows, can only keep your attention for a while. So how about a quick renovation of your living space? This is the perfect time to make it happen. Get your family to help you with it – turn it into a family project, get inputs from the family, and execute it within yourselves. In this article, we’ve collated the best quick and easy renovation ideas that you can do:


The bedroom is one of the few places in your house that you can go haywire with in terms of quick and easy renovations. But first things first – give yourself a favor and clean it out. It’s probably high time to do it. Instruct your kids to clean their bedrooms as well since they now have all the time in their hands.

If your kids share a room, consider these bunk bed ideas for renovation: repaint them with a color that totally clashes with the room. Contrasting colors are a great styling choice. Ask your kids what color they prefer and let them help with the repainting! This way, you keep the work exciting for them.

While you’re at it, consider some dresser alternatives. Cubbies are great to pair with bunk beds, and it’s the perfect way to store their toys. You can also hang art in the room. In fact, this is the perfect time to do a picture wall. Print out some of the kids’ favorite pictures, frame them, and hang.


There’s no question about it – the kitchen is the top place on any home that gets the most traffic. This is where you congregate as a family, get your supplies, entertain guests for dinner, and many more. To say that you need to have a great kitchen is an understatement. If you’re a family that likes to eat and cook, a great-looking kitchen is not only a need; it’s a necessity!

One of the quick things that you can do to your kitchen is to update your lighting. Proper
lighting will make your kitchen looking brand new. Install niche lights in nooks to highlight what’s in it. You can also update your shelving to open ones or put your daybeds lying around to serve as table bench or repaint your one part of the kitchen to an updated color.

Now, don’t go thinking that because you have all this time in the world now that you can re-tile your kitchen. Unfortunately, you can’t do that. Retiling is a major renovation, and not unless you are a master retiler with all the equipment and supply in your storage, then forget about it. Think of it like this: as much as you have so many ideas floating in your head, you don’t get to really realize them!

Living Room

In the living room, a paint job is the most obvious route you can undergo. Although a full-on repaint job will make the space unusable for a few days, you can actually just paint a part of the wall to a trendy color or pattern. Have you been itching to make your living room look more lived in? Then having a pattern on one side of your wall will do just that.

While it is not uncommon to put a dresser in the living room, there are some chicer alternatives that you can use to keep the space looking more open. Trunks and chests make for good storage while being an eclectic design choice in the living room. Consider hanging a new lighting fixture as well.

One of the quickest ways to liven up space is put in plants. The best ones you can add are tall shrubs like philodendron, olives, and short palms. Place them on corners, or if you’re feeling bold, make one corner a mini forest of sorts by grouping several plants of varying heights. Succulents are great table centerpieces, and while putting them in terra cotta pots can be a specific style choice, you can opt for a boat of them for effect!


In these quick renovation ideas, the best thing to remember is that only do the ones that you think are applicable to your living spaces. There are ideas that look good on paper, and in pictures, but won’t necessarily translate to your space that well. Think about sustainability too. That means you can keep the design in place with little maintenance. Make sure you do the renovations in a timely manner – have a schedule and follow with it thoroughly!