Reopen and Revamp Your Small Business as Lockdown is Lifted

If your business has been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, better times could be on the horizon as many of the lockdown restrictions forced upon our personal and professional lives begin to be lifted.

The Government has issued guidelines for businesses reopening, after many were forced to go into a state of hibernation in lockdown and this could be the opportunity you need to give your company a new lease of life.

Can you make it safe?

It’s absolutely paramount to remember that people can still catch Coronavirus, and we remain without a cure for Covid-19.

If your company was completely shut down previously, it’s likely that you relied on your place of business or visiting other locked down locations.

Are you a shop-owner? Think about what safety measures you can introduce to reassure customers and welcome them back onto your premises.

You may need to impose a limit on how many people can enter your store at one time, provide hand sanitiser on entry, or perhaps take out some displays if they will make it difficult for people to remain two metres apart.

If your work is remote-based – perhaps you’re a tradesperson – then investing on medical-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) will help keep yourself and your customers safe.

Check with customers before visiting whether they, or anyone in the household, is at higher risk of suffering serious complications from Covid-19. If it’s the case, it may be best to hold off on one job for the sake of protecting yourself, the client, and your reputation.

Is it time to diversify?

The pandemic has offered some businesses the chance to turn their skills to new ventures, in some cases even helping our health services get extra supplies that they so desperately need.

Of course, your expertise may not be something that can easily be turned to the frontlines of the pandemic, but hopefully some time away from your day-to-day grind has offered the chance to think up exciting new product ranges or services.

What help is out there?

The Government has launched a string of financial packages to aid businesses during these turbulent times, but not all companies have been eligible for relief, particularly smaller operations that include the self-employed.

Small business loans may be able to help you make necessary alterations to your premises, or get those new ideas off the ground to help you get back to business now lockdown is easing across the country.

And don’t forget to get your voice out there too. Get in contact with customers new and old; can you run a flyer campaign in your local area, or inform customers of your return to business in an email newsletter? Drumming up business ready for your relaunch will help you hit the ground running, and hopefully restore a sense of normal to your working life.