Safety tips to follow when booking Hotel Banyuwangi Room

Travel plans can be risky to a certain extent. Safety tips are important and should never be ignored. These tips are to be followed when booking a hotel room until you visit the hotel lobby.
You also have to follow these tips, when requesting room service.

  • You always have to ensure that you are on your guards, even when in your sleep in a hotel room.
  • Safety tips are more important if you are traveling alone.
  • Star rated hotels are always safe options.

You should check with recommendations and reviews when booking a hotel room online or offline. Always look around for tips provided by experts only.

Always watch your luggage

On arrival or in your hotel room, you have to keep an eye on your luggage. On arrival when relaxing in the lobby, ensure your luggage is always in safe hands. Avoid leaving your luggage unattended. Extra safety tips have to be followed when the lobby is over-crowded by guests and staff members.

Avoid selecting a room on the ground floor

The moment you book hotel Banyuwangi, always request a room that is not on the ground floor. You should always select a room that is between the 3rd and 5th floor. This is beneficial as you can access stars in case of an emergency. It is also safe against intrusions.

Ground floor rooms are easy to reach from the outside.

Check with staff honesty

The moment you check-in you should always check with staff honesty. If the staff is not honest, then your luggage and belongings are never safe. Always ensure you have checked in the room in advance before occupying. This is important for your safety.

Avoid sharing credit card details

At the check-in counter, you may have to make payments very often. If you are using your bank cards, then it is advisable to avoid sharing details with the hotel staff. Even if the staff is honest, but you may never know about other people who surround you in the lobby.

Always collect business card on arrival

The moment you end up in the lobby, it is better to request a business card in advance. You have to check with the hotel name, contact details, and address. If the hotel is star rated then they will provide with location details as well.

This factor is beneficial if you are new to the place and have no idea of the surrounding location.

Check room completely

The moment you enter the room you should take time and check with the entire room. You should check with the bathroom and also behind the curtains. It is also advisable to check with all door locks and handles if they are functional or not.

This is important to maintain your safety during your stay. Always check if the door is provided with a dead bold facility or not. This is important so you are not left outside the room with keys inside the room.

When sleeping at night, always, double-check if the door is locked from inside or not. You can also make use of door wedge so the room is secured if you are in deep sleep.