Set Your Wedding apart by Choosing the Most Unique Venue for Your D-Day

Selecting a venue for your wedding is undoubtedly the first step of planning your wedding. Besides knowing the obvious that you will need a place to get married, making a unique choice on your wedding venue can have a crucial impact on the feel and look of your D-Day celebration, particularly when you decide to choose a spot which has got some major personality traits.

Banquet halls and ballrooms are all good and they even seem amazing but the only way in which you can set your wedding apart is by choosing a venue that’s totally out of the box. If you reside in Salt Lake City and you’re looking for the best place to have your wedding in Salt Lake City, here are few vital essentials to keep in mind.

Will the venue be available on your proposed date?

The availability of the venue is the most vital factor to take into account before deciding the venue. There are few public gardens and wedding venues which are booked more than a year in advance, specifically on holidays and special dates like Valentine’s Day. If the place that you chose isn’t available on your proposed wedding date and you’re dead sure about holding your wedding or your reception there, you’d either have to alter the date of your wedding or look for a new venue.

Is the location of the venue apt for the invitees?

Soon after checking the availability of your venue, review the location carefully as choosing a wrong location can put off your guests from attending your wedding. Generally, the wedding and reception are held at two different places but you have to make sure that the two venues are close to each other so that it doesn’t get hectic for the guests. Consider the accessibility of the venue especially when your guests are all traveling from far-off places.

Will the venue accomodate the number of invitees on your list?

Choose a venue that perfectly accommodates the number of invitees on your list. In case the venue is smaller than your guest list, the invitees will feel cramped and if it’s too big, the environment will look dull and it will also seem like there are several guests who didn’t turn up for your wedding. So, have a rough figure of your expected invitees before choosing a venue.

Does the style of the venue match your personality & preference?

Event planner, Calder Clark recommends that the space that you choose for your wedding should actually mesh with your vision. The venue should define who you are as a bride and it boils down to your own preferences. Classic fiancées often prefer indoor venues like country clubs, ballrooms and hotels. On the other hand, Bohemian brides prefer creating their own venue with wide open spaces and they love to design the venue from the scratch.

Virtually, most experts are of the opinion that choosing a venue for your wedding is actually done by following your gut feeling. If after choosing the venue, it keeps you awake at night, it’s all wrong. On the contrary, if the venue keeps popping up in your day dreams, it’s most likely right and you’ve done your diligence!