Slim Shaker Kitchen Cabinets a Modern Take on Solid Wood RTA Cabinets

Who said that you can’t own slim shaker-style kitchen cabinets? Whether your kitchen is traditional or modern in terms of interior design outlook, shaker cabinets with slim appearance are perfect for you. 

In this article, we have covered everything about slim shaker kitchen cabinets. If you are in search of tips for using them to beautify a kitchen interior, continue reading. You will discover everything you’ve always wanted to know about leveraging all types of slim shaker cabinets in interior design. 

Are Slim Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Popular?

This year, no shaker cabinet design has beat slim shaker kitchen cabinets in terms of popularity. Widely revered as the most modern-looking type of shaker cabinet design, shaker cabinets with slim appearance are turning out to be generic highlights of modern-style interiors. 

The following are the reasons for their fast-rising popularity; 

  • Shaker Design Background

To a wide segment of the homeowners’ population in America, the fact that the shaker-style cabinet design is historical makes all types of shaker kitchen cabinets captivating. Invented in the 17th century by a religious group known as the ‘shakers’, the iconic shaker-style cabinet design, an attraction that comes with nostalgia, enjoys a reputation for simplicity, functionality, and flexibility.

  • Slim Shaker Kitchen Cabinets are Versatile

 Slim shaker kitchen cabinets are also popular, thanks to the notion that they are versatile. Indeed, in various online and land-based kitchen cabinet showrooms, there are uncountable traditional and modern slim shaker cabinets for sale. The implication regarding this is that one is bound to have access to numerous options to choose from when considering using slim shaker cabinets to achieve an interior design. 

  • Slim Shaker Cabinets are Convenient

Whether it’s about finding them, buying them, or even using them, shaker cabinets with slim appearance are generally convenient. As we initially noted, whether the interior you intend to fix them in is traditional or modern in terms of styling, slim shaker kitchen cabinets will work in your favor. Thanks to their slim appearance, slim cabinets are effortless to maintain and longer-lasting than many types of kitchen cupboards. 

Tips for Styling a Kitchen with Slim Shaker Cabinets

Generally speaking, at this point, it would be crazy to overemphasize the fact that slim shaker-style cabinets are a good idea as far as kitchen interior design is concerned. As you have discovered, these drawers have lots of offerings for anyone who chooses to work with them in interior design. 

What you need to learn is how to work with them to achieve your dream kitchen interior design, whether it’s traditional or contemporary. Fortunately for you, we compiled tips for using slim shaker kitchen cabinets and shared some of them in this article. 

They include; 

  • Mix-Matching Materials

In beautifying a kitchen with slim shaker cabinets, the most important thing is to ensure the slim appearance of the cabinetries stands out. This, you can only achieve by enhancing contrast in terms of visual appearance. One way to achieve contrast is by blending contrasting materials. 

For example, if the cabinets are entirely made up of wood, you can add to their surfaces, metallic or laminate countertops or install flooring or hardware engineered from metals or types of wood that contrast the wood used on the cabinets. 

  • Color Mixing

Besides mixing contrasting materials, you can style the interior of a kitchen with slim shaker cabinets by mixing contrasting colors. One advantage of mixing varying colors is that it aids in enhancing contrast. 

One way to know the best colors to blend in an interior design is by determining the color of kitchen cabinets and the overall visual aesthetics of that particular interior design. For example, if the walls of your kitchen and cabinets alike are white, dark-stained colors like black can be your first option when choosing colors to work with in beautifying it.

  • Opting for Cabinet Accessories

Besides mixing colors and materials, you can also accessorize slim shaker kitchen cabinets as a way of beautifying the interior that houses them. Depending on whether your scullery looks traditional or modern, you can go for rustic or old-school and modern accessories and fixtures respectively. 

Regardless of what you decide to choose, the overall outlook of your entire cooking space will look not just enhanced but charming as well; if you style it with accessorized slim shaker-style cabinets. 

  • Opting for Open Layout Kitchen Interior Design

Did you know that slim shaker cabinets work better in open-layout kitchens than any other kitchen cabinet design? Well, this does not mean that they cannot fit inside closed kitchens. However, to make a kitchen stand out courtesy of slim shaker-style cabinets, the surest ticket is opting for an open layout kitchen interior design. 

Thankfully, open-layout kitchen interior designs are impressively functional and very convenient in styling and maintenance. As of now, they are top of lists of trending modern kitchen designs, thanks to their luxurious demeanor and cost-effectiveness. 

Where Can I Find Slim Shaker Kitchen Cabinets? 

You’ve probably discovered that slim shaker kitchen cabinets are easier to find. You can get unlimited access to them on multiple internet-based shopping platforms from the comfort of your internet-enabled device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. 

The takeaway is to be cognizant of the following while trying to choose between slim shaker cabinet varieties you encounter; 

  • Your Preferable Cabinet Design

 Do you prefer traditional or modern-style cabinet designs? Well, your answer can tell you the types of slim shaker cabinets you can go for in terms of design. Besides design outlook, your preferable cabinet design can also tell you more about the types of slim shaker kitchen cabinets you can choose in terms of visual appearance or color. 

  • Cost of Purchase

To know whether or not you can afford particular types of slim shaker cabinets, knowing the cost of purchasing and installing those cabinets is a must. Generally speaking, kitchen cabinets, including slim shaker cabinets, are typically priced based on features like color, size, layout, and material specifics. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you own a traditional or contemporary-style kitchen, you can go for slim shaker cabinets. These drawers are not just compatible with all kitchen designs but come in multiple designs as well. Slim shaker kitchen cabinets are now trending more than ever; they are available on all online shopping platforms and are going at pocket-friendly prices.