Stephanie Cohen Furniture Tips In Creating Luxurious Home Ambiance

Your home is your most significant investment, and rightfully it should be luxurious. This piece will explore some ideas on how you can create an elegant yet minimalist ambiance to your home without having to spend a fortune.

Caravaggio Lamp

One of the best purchases you can make for your home is to get a Caravaggio pendant lamp. Designer Cecillie Manz conceptualized this lamp to create a modern yet minimalist feel in a home. The shade of this lamp is made from drawn steel yet has a simple design. It uses high-gloss painting for its coating to give the impression of luxury. 

A Caravaggio lamp has an opening at the top, illuminating the room without glare even if the pendant is hung very high. You can place the Caravaggio lamp in the living room, kitchen, or dining area for that luxurious look.

Use Glamourous Lighting

Your home can become more cozy and homey with the use of mood and designer lighting. Here are six tricks you can use to create a comfortable ambiance in your home.

One of the critical rooms in your home that must have an ambient lighting is the living room. This is because it is the space to chill, laugh, and socialize. You can take an afternoon nap there and so the environment must be relaxing. The soft light should be used to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. 

You can add a ceiling fixture that has a shiny finish like glass, crystals, or gold to create a luxurious ambiance. This will help increase the upscale look of your room. Chandeliers can also create a lavish aura. Explore other luxurious and elegant lamps like side lamps or art lamps that you can place in different rooms in your house. 

Go White

Another designer lighting trick you can use is to make sure your walls are white or at least use lighter colors. The reason is that they reflect light better, and this boosts the feeling of space being spacious. If white walls are not your thing, you can use drapes and vibrant art instead of in the area to create the illusion of light.

The white color opens up space and makes a room feel clean and minimalist. It also attracts natural light, and it puts into center stage something unique, e.g., you can put a beautiful and expensive painting on the wall, and the white wall and space will highlight it. 

Declutter and Maximize Natural Lighting

A messy place certainly won’t look luxurious. Clear up the mess in your home and keep the unnecessary things in your attic or basement. When it comes to luxury, less is more. Also, if you don’t have many funds to buy expensive furniture or lighting, you can do is to Maximize natural light. 

One of the best lighting tricks to boost your home’s ambiance is the usage of natural light. Exploit it by using double roller blinds to filter sunlight and use sunscreen blinds to reduce glare from the sun. You can then adjust to soften the lighting effect on the room. 

Use Strategic Accessories

To boost ambiance in your home, put some light on the often-neglected corners of a house like kitchen counters, closets, and shelves. You can also try to Integrate reflective surfaces. Your home will appear better lighted if you add some mirrors or glossy floors in your home because they help bounce light around a space. Mirrors, glasses, and shiny floors improve lighting significantly.

An easy way to create a luxurious feel in your home is to use velvet or silk cushions. Choose deep and dramatic colors like dark blue and rich red. These add a nice texture of luxury and comfort to your home. Use large pillows for your sofas as it brings out comfort and creates a glamor effect for the living room and bedroom. 

Use modern and elegant curtains for your windows as they bring out a luxurious feel to the room. A carpet can also make a living room more luxurious. So time your shopping strategically to get a cozy, good quality carpet at a considerable discount from Stephanie Cohen Furniture.

Go with Wood and Metals

Going with wooden and metallic furniture and fixtures in your home will help boost your home’s luxury aura. Online furniture stores like Stephanie Cohen Furniture will make wood, and metal furniture shopping for you made easy. 

Avoid plastic-ware and watch your visitors go wow with your things at home. If you can afford it, you look to turn your house floor into noble wood parquet, or perhaps a cheaper alternative, a laminated floor.

Accent your furniture by lighting the center of your wooden piece. It can be the coffee or dining room table, and This is an excellent strategy for your living room. By using a narrow beam targeting the middle of the coffee or dining table, it creates a warm and soft ambiance in your living room, making it ideal for a beautiful conversation or evening drink.

Make a Dramatic Entrance

Strategically make the entry path of your house look luxurious by adding flowers and perhaps some artwork. You can also put something like a plump chair where your visitors can sit and take off their shoes. Put a pretty lamp along the way to further enhance the luxury feel of your home. Use chandeliers and ceiling lights to create a warm glow in your home and control glare. You can purchase some lovely chandeliers and ceiling lights. It makes the room cozier.

Low wattage incandescent bulbs

One designer lighting trick you can use is to use lamps that have a “hotel-room effect.” These lamps emit a warm light that creates a relaxing ambiance in your home and relaxes you. This is the time to use incandescent bulbs with lower watts because their warm glow is soothing to your senses. 

A 3000K incandescent lamp is an excellent choice as it boosts that cozy feeling in the room. Alternatively, if you have the funds, you can invest in a dimmer switch to create the same effect.

About the Author Stephanie Cohen

A native of New York, Stephanie Cohen has lived Interior Design for most of her adult life.  After graduating from the prestigious Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design, Stephanie embarked on a career in residential and commercial design.  A world traveller, Stephanie has drawn inspiration and influence from a diverse group of cultures and countries.  Her style has been described as clean with an opulent flair.  Check out her designs and follow her on  Facebook and Instagram.