The 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Playing Outdoor Sports

We all know how sports exercise can really help with our overall health and weight. However, the advantages grow when you choose to play outdoors compared to staying inside! Outdoor activities are known to boost our mental health, yes, but it can also make physical exercise more fruitful.

So, what exactly can you get out of playing outdoor sports with your loved ones? Read on as I show you why you should begin going out for more fun and exercise!

Health Benefits of Outdoor Sports

There are so many outdoor sports to choose from, and regardless of what you play, you can reap various health benefits from it! With daily games and sports exercises, you can experience these advantages:

Improves Your Memory and Mental Health

As I mentioned, outdoor sports and activities improve your mental wellbeing amazingly. After all, you have an amazing view, the fresh air, and a better environment overall compared to being in your home or gym.

Rather than constantly flat surfaces and evenly-positioned benches, the terrain and trails outdoors include hills, valleys, woods, and other winding paths. Not only does this have a calming effect, but it also improves your focus and alertness, which would benefit your mental health.

Besides this, studies show how nature walks and activities in parks can help with memory retention. For example, walking around trees can promote our memory by over 20%!

Get Some Vitamin D

The bones and blood cells require a lot of phosphorous, calcium, and vitamin D to maintain optimum health. Where else can you get the best of vitamin D naturally other than working out under the sun? When you exercise under the sunlight, your body absorbs important minerals healthily and seamlessly.

Plus, it’s recommended to have about 15 minutes of sun once every two days to receive the right amounts of vitamin D! You also get that sun-kissed tan that shows how sporty you really are. Just make sure to wear proper protection such as sunscreen and clothing to prevent overheating and risk of sunburns.

Boost Confidence and Self-Esteem

We all know how exercise can boost our happiness AND confidence. Since exercise burns unwanted fat as well since you burn more calories, losing weight, and looking physically better. The happier we feel about our mind and body from exercise, the more confident we feel and want to show our bodies off.

And did you know that your self-esteem can increase when spending time with loved ones as you do outdoor activities? There is an even better effect as you spend time near greener areas and waters with sounds of nature like waterfalls.

One excellent example is using a gel blaster starter pack and playing with the entire family. You get a whole new sense of accomplishment as you win games, which also boost your confidence!

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Cortisol is a hormone indicating the stress levels in humans, which can reduce significantly when spending time in nature! Low-intensity outdoor activities such as bird watching or camping in the woods has shown a lot more benefits compared to being in the city. It has been proven that those who spend more time in “wilderness” have better heart rates and less stress.

Besides this, outdoor activities, especially when surrounded in nature, calms down the anxious mind. So if you feel nervous and anxious constantly, then you’re more likely to find more fun and calmness in nature. It’s also the reason why you find a ton of nature-related furniture and plants in offices and the like.

Improve Sleep and Immunity

And lastly, exercise on its own can improve your sleep cycle. With enough sunlight during the day thanks to morning or early afternoon exercise, you can regulate your sleep and ready your body for bed once night falls. That way, you can sleep quicker and more peacefully, waking up happier!

Your body will also strengthen its immunity system as you absorb more vitamin D. The more vitamin D you get, the stronger your immune system becomes. Being around outdoor plants also helps you breathe better and boost your immune functions.

Wrapping It Up

What’s great is that both adults and children can reap all these health benefits without even feeling like exercise is a chore. From getting a nice tan down to feeling happier and confident, this is a better way to spend time with everyone compared to being stuck at home! What’s better is that outdoor activities can be absolutely free or extremely affordable, whether alone or with loved ones.

I hope that you were encouraged to play outside more with these benefits I mentioned! So what are you waiting for? Go out with your loved ones and try some fun outdoor sports for better health!

If you have any questions or want to share your stories on playing outdoor sports, share it in the comments section below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.