The Best DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Women

Being pregnant during Halloween does not mean that you have to skip out on the fun and festivities of Halloween. Actually, you blend in! Even though your body is changing, there are still a lot of really cool, actually the best Halloween ideas for you, and the best part is, its DIY!

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Women

1. Paint That Belly

Perhaps you are feeling a bit lazy (we understand). Simply paint your bare pregnant belly and show it off proudly at Halloween. You can paint a picture of a soccer ball, bowling ball, basketball, etc.

2. Pumpkin

This is one of the simplest and best Halloween costumes that can be done by pregnant women, depending on how creatively it’s done. How about going as a Halloween pumpkin? Wear a felt-made green cap. Then go ahead and paint your belly orange, decorating it to have it stick out of a hole you’ll make in your top.

3. Pea

Get green jeans, green sweatpants or leggings, etc. Get a green sweatshirt with exact same color or other long sleeved top and cut a hole in the belly area of the top or just lift the shirt to show off your bare belly (which is also painted green).

4. The Witch

The witch costume is an old one but is one of the best Halloween costumes for pregnant women. Just dress like a witch, and paint your pregnant belly to look like a witch holding a pumpkin. You just used what you have. A pregnant belly just became a great resource to have for Halloween.

5. Eyeball

This is one of the easiest Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women. Wear some black clothes, then draw and paint an eye on your belly area, showing the white and the center of the eye, which you can whatever color you wish. A few red veins would make it more realistic. The eyeball can be cute or scary.

6. Hippie

A hippe is perfect for Halloween costume for pregnant women. The 70s era was a free an easy period of time so you would look totally natural. Wearing hippie dresses or hippie clothes is easy to accommodate and you would look cute and retro. There are also many 70s costumes for men out there to get to go as a couple.