The Best Packing and Moving Tips

Welcome to your new home! You made it. Now you have to figure out how you can pack your things and move in without breaking the bank or breaking your back! The good news, I have compiled tips that will make your move seamless and straightforward.

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How do we know these are the top tips for packing and moving? We asked the experts and professional movers about these tips and how movers will handle all the heavy lifting for you to sit back and relax.

So, let’s dive into these critical tips to keep at your fingertips:

Dispose of what’s unnecessary

Get rid of everything you think invaluable in your new home. Stop being a hoarder and eliminate all stuff you don’t need to carry with you before packers and movers come in. This way, you will have less stuff to pack up and haul across the town and finally download and organize to fit in your new home. Certified professionals recommend clearing all the clutter sooner than the moving date. Whether you are selling them or handing them down to friends and relatives, you decide what to do. This preliminary purge will significantly impact efficiency during the packing, uploading, moving, downloading, and organizing process.

Sort items by category

Organize your items categorically and not by room, said Marie Kondo. This advice is only applicable for packing; unpacking is a different story. Spend one of your fine afternoons sorting your items.

Donate your old items

If you think some of your furniture will not do at your new home, give back to the community. Look for charity institutions and donate items you do not need at your new home. Things like; old clothes, old toys, books and more, give them away.

Set aside some stuff to sell

We understand how you wished to give away for free, but you will need some money to keep you going anyway. Set aside those items you would like to get some money from. For example, that pair of shoes you bought last month, those classic light fixtures, you will need some money so that you can replace them with the same or more sophisticated options at your new home.

Research a company to hire

Researching companies out to hire is no fun; Google and Yelp will overwhelm you with endless choices to choose from. But don’t give in yet; give a chance to the first four five-star rated companies and choose the best from those. A moving company can either break or make your experience worthwhile. The more efforts you put in researching companies, the higher the chances of getting a reputable hire.

Pick the right day to move.

Hire your mover a month before and plan accordingly. Choose the date that you are free to move your items. Moving companies are busy during the weekends, so choose a day between the week for huge discounts.