The Best Way to Approach Home Decorating

You either love it, or you loath it, but home decorating still needs to be done. The secret to getting it done quickly and without a hiccup is to plan and be totally aware of where accidents are likely to happen so that you can guard against them. 

Bad planning could result in you having a particularly expensive hardwood floor ruined by spilling a large tin of paint over it. Possibly your house insurance could help you with this matter. However, the stress and upheaval of having to rip your floor up to have it replaced again are not worth thinking of. Read this guide to find out what the best approach is when it comes to home decorating. 

Carry out repairs and servicing

Before you start your home decorating project, it is important that you make sure that all your integral technology and wiring are working fine. This is because you do not want to spend a small fortune and a lot of time and effort doing up your home only to find that there have to be large chunks of plaster taken off and your hard work ruined due to electrics needing to be sorted.

With this in mind, it is also a good move to get your air conditioning unit serviced before you start decorating. If you have not got one, it is a good time to think very seriously about whether or not you will need one in the future to keep yourself and your household members comfortable.

Businesses such as Kaiser Air Conditioning will not only fit your air conditioning unit if you do not have one but will be happy to carry out an AC service of your unit regardless of whether they have fitted it or not. It is a good idea to get your air conditioning unit serviced before you start your decorating adventure, just in case you find that it either requires parts or replacing entirely, which could damage your redecoration.

Do all your prep work

Once you have got all your electrics, air conditioning, and anything else that could cause an uproar to your decorating endeavors sorted, it is time to move on to your preparation work.

Filling in holes in the walls, rubbing down paintwork, and maybe the occasional wall too can seem like the most boring pastime on the planet, but in order to achieve the best look, it does have to be done. 

Which order to complete your room

It is a good idea to start at the ceiling first. This way, you will not drip paint down your freshly painted walls. Make sure to cover any soft furnishings that have been left in the room, or the flooring, if you are not replacing it, with dust sheets of some kind or other to protect them from splashes.

However, before you start painting your walls, it is a good idea to paint your woodwork as once this is dry, it can be masked to make sure that you get a particularly nice sharp straight line where your wall color meets your skirting boards and door frames.

It is a particularly good idea to leave your flooring until last so that it doesn’t get ruined by the rest of the decorating activity.