The Cost of Not Having Bollards

Bollards are barrier posts that are installed outside busy areas like the banks, airports, malls and other popular and sensitive areas. They’re usually made of steel and they provide the physical strength, which is needed to deter unwelcome vehicular traffic, thus keeping the site safe. They’re available in fixed, collapsible and removable models. All these are installed to offer protection from high or low-speed crashes. When you have construction going on, removable bollards are used to keep of pedestrians who may be injured by falling objects.

Bollards are very important when it comes to directing traffic and keeping off intruders from protected areas. This is why you need bollards.

Without bollards, there is a lot of inconveniences

Imagine, you wake up one day and find multiples of cars parked near your property or commercial area so that your tenants don’t even have a place to keep theirs. Or you just came in the evening and find cars packed in your car park. It can be quite inconveniencing and sometimes dangerous. In case a terrorist drives into your packing or building, you’ll be counting losses. Installing bollards ensures that you only have the right people near your premises. You will not suffer from delays and no impending dangers.

Protects you from accidents near your property

The pathway to your business premises or your property is usually a narrow one. Thus, you have to control the movement; the vehicular traffic that enters the place must be manageable. If you have no control, you may end up with vehicles blocking the entire space, which may lead to business loss. Bollards will act as a guide for everyone entering the place that it’s a controlled area and not everyone is allowed to come in a car. Without strong and visible bollards, a driver could easily ram into the pedestrians in near your property and sometimes destroy the building. Get a good bollards company and let them secure your perimeter with the best type of bollards, customized as per your needs.

Turn your ugly exterior to beautiful scenery

You have done your best, you got the right designer for your interior and exterior but still, something seems to be lacking. Having some well designed and perfectly colored bollards around the perimeter makes the entire space very beautiful and the scenery quite appealing. You don’t have to spend so much money looking for some colors for the external walls and pavements. Just get some good color that blends with your property, and then let your bollard company give you customized bollards.

Prevents accidents in the highways

Think of a car speeding at 140km/h and the road is narrow some hundred meters ahead. Bollards are supposed to act as warning signs for the motorists and without them; one could ram into other vehicles or even roll especially in a sharp corner or at a junction. With them, one is able to drive carefully and at a manageable speed.
From directing vehicular and human traffic on the highways to protecting commercial buildings and spaces from intruders, bollards are such a wonder. With a good choice of color, you have the best of aesthetics around the perimeter.